Preview 2018: San Jose State Spartans. An Impossible Rebuild Job?

Preview 2018: San Jose State Spartans. An Impossible Rebuild Job?

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: San Jose State Spartans. An Impossible Rebuild Job?


Preview 2018: Previewing and looking ahead to the San Jose State Spartans season with what you need to know.

Preview 2018: San Jose State Spartans

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San Jose State is the impossible head coaching job.

It’s an absolutely beautiful school in a wonderful part of the world, but it’s also in a part of the country that just isn’t all that into football.

Oh sure, the 49ers play just up the road, but Stanford and Cal attract the bare minimum of national Power Five attention – trust me; we’ve tried to pump them up over the years – and it’s been hard for anyone to turn San Jose State into a consistent winner.

How do you possible compete when you bring in a grand total of 85,235 announce fans for your six home games? 13 schools averaged that per game last year.

The key is to be fun, exciting, and to create an identity. At the moment, other than having the best uniform color scheme in college football, San Jose State doesn’t have one.

Head coach Brent Brennan is giving it a shot, coming in from Oregon State last year and having been around the San Jose State program back in 2006 when the program shocked the world and went 9-4.

He struggled in his first season in an ugly 2-11 season, but he also went young at several spots and started to build up the depth and the foundation.

Can the comp be 2013 Western Michigan under P.J. Fleck, when the Broncos went 1-11, took their lumps, and steadily grew into a team that eventually went unbeaten in the regular season and on to a New Year’s Six game? That’s a stretch, but Brennan is an offensive coach who gets back nine starters, a slew of quarterback options, a ton of the top running backs, and the top 15 pass catchers.

What SJSU doesn’t have that those WMU teams enjoyed were the killer offensive linemen, but as long as the O is paced well and can start to move the chains, it doesn’t have to be brutally physical.

The defense needs a break from the offense that turned the ball over more than anyone in the country, couldn’t convert on third downs, and again, didn’t have any one thing it could do at a high enough level.

But the nice part for Brennan will be that last year likely was the floor. The Spartans will win more than two games, they’ll be more competitive, and they’ll have the opportunity to rise up fast.

Fresno State is only 150 miles away, and it showed it could turn things around fast. That might not be possible this year for San Jose State, but the job to make the team far better isn’t impossible.

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