Preview 2018: Ole Miss Rebels. No Bowl, But Still Dangerous

Preview 2018: Ole Miss Rebels. No Bowl, But Still Dangerous

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Ole Miss Rebels. No Bowl, But Still Dangerous


Ole Miss Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

If you liked the last two seasons, you’re going to love what’s coming next.

Roughly the same season.

The Rebels have been all offense, little defense, and with a few stunners from time to time. None of it matters since the Rebels aren’t able to go play for anything fun, but they’re still going to be dangerous to deal with.

The phenomenal passing game will keep up with just about everyone. QB Jordan Ta’amu and the great receivers will hang up 300 yards with ease, but there will be times when the defense gets hammered on and the Ole Miss offense just won’t have the right opportunities.

But don’t expect them to beat any of the big boys – they were smoked by Alabama, Auburn and LSU last season – and it’ll be a fight just to get to .500 … again.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 6

Is there a chance the Ole Miss passing game turns into the SEC’s biggest X factor and takes down someone major? Yeah. But it’ll still be tough to get to six wins.

Alabama, at LSU, Auburn, South Carolina, at Texas A&M. Win one of those five games, and it’ll be a success. Expect losses in at least four of those, and that doesn’t factor in the 50/50 battles against Texas Tech, Mississippi State and at Arkansas.

In Southern Illinois, Kent State and ULM, a base of three wins is a lock, and then it’ll take a whole lot of big fights just to scratch to six. This is when the NCAA issues start to hurt as the Rebels get their second losing season in the last three.

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