Preview 2018: Charlotte 49ers. Experienced, But Better?

Preview 2018: Charlotte 49ers. Experienced, But Better?

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Charlotte 49ers. Experienced, But Better?


Charlotte Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

Lost in all the pain and suffering from last year was a defense that was actually a bit better than the previous two versions. Start from there, work in the new coaches into the mix, and enjoy that everyone is back.

The experience will matter. As long as the offense starts to do its job a little bit better, the D will catch a much needed break and should be able to keep the team in most games.

Don’t expect miracles out of the new pro-style offense, but there will be points again, and there will be enough pop down the field to be a whole lot more exciting.

The quarterback situation will be settled in a hurry – be slightly shocked if it’s not Evan Shirreffs – and the line will pave the way for a decent enough running game to at least start winning a few third down conversions.

It won’t be a huge breakthrough season, but it’ll be better.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 3.5

Where are the wins going to come from? Fordham isn’t a sure-thing to kick things off, and Old Dominion and Appalachian State aren’t easy early September home dates.

There aren’t any layup road games, either, with UMass and UAB as light as it gets. Even so, there will be at least one upset along the way, and go ahead and give the Niners the Fordham opener. They’ll be the underdog in the other 11 games.

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