Preview 2018: Army Black Knights. It's All Working Now

Preview 2018: Army Black Knights. It's All Working Now

2018 Preview

Preview 2018: Army Black Knights. It's All Working Now


Army Prediction: What’s Going To Happen

It’s not going to be the ten-win season of last year, but it might not be all that far off.

Yeah, the Army system is a machine now, but losing four starters on the offensive line and a running quarterback as good as Ahmad Bradshaw hurts, especially with Duke and Oklahoma early on.

Considering the defense isn’t built to generate much of a pass rush and won’t get behind the line, and will get ripped up by the teams with real offensive talent, it’s all on the Army O to hold the ball for close to 35 minutes a game again – that will be enough of a problem early on to be a concern.

However, the coaching will once again be top-shelf, the running backs are there to assure another 4,000-yard rushing campaign, and the D will be more than fine in enough games to have another big season.

The program will make it three straight bowl trips in its long and storied history.

Guessing The Preseason Regular Season Win Total Will Be Set At … 8

As good as Army can, should and could be again, forget about the road game at Oklahoma – that’s it. It’ll be strong enough to expect and hope to win all 11 other games. Okay, maybe ten.

After beating Duke last year, that’s not happening this time around on the road. Going to Buffalo will be sneaky tough, and dealing with Eastern Michigan on the road should be another battle – Navy won 28-27 last year.

However, there are two Lafayette and Colgate on the slate from the FCS world – Army needs to get to seven wins. That shouldn’t be a problem, but that means it can’t slip against Hawaii, Miami University, and could use a win over Air Force.

In all, there are nine games against teams that didn’t go bowling. The Black Knights will win eight games before dealing with Navy.

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