Quarterback Battle Updates: Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA, Baylor

Quarterback Battle Updates: Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA, Baylor

2018 Spring Football

Quarterback Battle Updates: Notre Dame, Nebraska, Texas, UCLA, Baylor



And the absolute, no doubt, man among men starting quarterback for your 2017 Texas Longhorns is …

Going to need a little while longer to be figured out.

Sam Ehlinger was head coach Tom Herman’s guy last year – he was the shiny new recruit who was going to turn Texas football around. And he was fine.

Shane Buechele kept getting the call, and he was fine.

And in the spring game? They were both fine.

Buechele completed 12-of-21 throws for 130 yards and didn’t make any big mistakes for the Orange side. Ehlinger led the White side with 29 rushing yards, and he completed 13-of-22 passes for 151 yards.

Again … fine.

Enter Cameron Rising and Casey Thompson. Two very good recruits who got to school early, and they – in their limited time, looked a wee bit more than fine.

Rising played behind Ehlinger, completing 6-of-9 throws for 57 yards, and Thompson worked on Buechele’s side, hitting five of his nine passes for 88 yards.

Herman won’t have a problem starting a true freshman if one of them becomes too amazing to ignore, but realistically, this is Ehlinger vs. Buechele.

At the moment, it could be yet another season of a rotation and weekly wondering about who will get the call.

So this is a long-winded way of saying that nothing was decided. Wait until the fall.

Best Guess On Fall Depth Chart: 1) Ehlinger, 2) Buechele, 3) (redshirt) Rising, 4) (redshirt) Thompson

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