Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

2018 Spring Football

Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee



The receivers are going to be very, very good, but will they have a steady quarterback to get them the ball?

Danny Etling was fine. He hit 60% of his throws, he only threw two picks, and he quietly came up with an effective 2,463-yard, 16 touchdown season. And now he’s gone.

But the LSU offense needs more, and it didn’t look like it would happen early on in the spring game as the new quarterback options had a hard time doing anything right.

Even the things that did go well were more about the plays from the receivers, like this …

But everyone settled down, and the offenses started to move. Justin McMillan was the most effective of the options, Myles Brennan threw the lone interception, and Lowell Narcisse threw for the most yards, thanks to the 94-yard helper from Jefferson.

McMillan completed 13-of-27 throws for 182 yards and a score, and he tore off 69 yards and a touchdown. Narcisse completed 6-of-13 passes for 205 yards and a score, and Brennan hit 11-of-21 passes for 125 yards with a touchdown and a pick.

And now head coach Ed Orgeron and offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger have some work to do. All three quarterback options are okay, but not amazing quite yet.

McMillan is a junior and has a bit of a veteran presence, but the other two options had a few strong moments throughout the spring. No one has grabbed the job yet, and when fall camp comes around, it’ll be about who’s moving the offensive on a consistent basis.

Best Guess On Fall Depth Chart: 1) McMillan, 2) Brennan, 3) Narcisse

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