Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

2018 Spring Football

Quarterback Battle Updates: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee


After a big Saturday of spring games, here’s the update on four of the biggest SEC quarterback battles this offseason: Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

Quarterback Updates at Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee

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After some of the key spring football games, where do some of the bigger quarterback battles stand? Here’s the post-spring situation at Alabama, Georgia, LSU, and Tennessee, along with the fall camp prediction.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, the quarterback situation is a big thing for Alabama, but did you see that defensive line?

The big story is actually Joseph Bulovas – he hit four field goals – to potentially fix the Achilles’ heel of a Bama placekicking game, but …

Of course this scrimmage was all about Jalen Hurts.

Really? You thought he was going to turn into Aaron Rodgers as a passer in four months?

Here’s the deal, and you know this already. Hurts is never going to be amazing at the whole throwing downfield thing. It’s always going to be a struggle for him to make the big play happen, and he’s always going to make the safe and conservative throw – and there’s something to that.

Don’t turn the ball over. Run when the chance is there. Hit the open man. Let the receivers do the work. Let the running game and the defense take care of winning at least 11 games. But will that inability to crank up the passing attack matter to win games 12, 13, 14 & 15?

Tua Tagovailoa didn’t see time in the spring game thanks to his banged up hand, but the CFP National Championship hero is, of course, the one who can run, throw, and stretch the field a little bit more.

As crazy as it sounds, does Alabama actually need all that? Hurts and his style might be the better fit since he won’t screw anything up.

So do you live with the guy who came within a defensive stop of being a two-time national championship starting quarterback, or do you live with a few more mistakes and picks, but get a bigger play?

The Tagovailoa argument is that if he throws an interception, so what? The defense that might be the best in college football will clean up the mess.

In the spring game, Hurts didn’t help his cause in the court of public opinion. He looked like a guy who was trying to make something happen, and couldn’t, completing 19-of-37 passes for 195 yards and a pick with 33 rushing yards.

How mediocre was Hurts? As a passer, at times, Mac Jones looked a No. 1 overall draft pick by comparison. He completed 23-of-35 throw for 289 yards and two scores with an interception.

Even with all of the issues, expect Hurts to still be Hurts and not out of the fight. Expect a rotation going into the opener against Louisville.

Expect No. 2 to still be the leader and man – even if he’s No. 2 on the depth chart.

Best Guess On Fall Depth Chart: 1) Hurts, 2) Tagovailoa, 3) Jones

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