What's Going On? Purdue Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

What's Going On? Purdue Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

2018 Spring Football

What's Going On? Purdue Spring Game. 3 Things To Know


Purdue Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

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3. The Trick Plays & The Running Backs

The Boilermakers get back almost all of their running back production, but most of the parts were on the sidelines hurt.

Leading rusher Markell Jones and Alexander Horvath were the two live bodies ready to go, but it was Horvath who did most of the heavy lifting, rushing for 57 yards even though the walk-on didn’t get any work last year.

With most of the main options for the ground game on the sidelines, this wasn’t exactly a physical scrimmage, with the trick plays kicking in from the start …

And with even more fun from a few old-schoolers …


2. The Kicking Game Was A Positive

The Boilermakers used the two-headed monster of J.D. Dellinger (9-of-13) and Spencer Evans (8-of-11) on field goals last season, and they were excellent in the spring game.

Of course, there wasn’t any real pressure put on the two, but both did their job with Dellinger nailing kicks from 40 and 35 yards away, and Evans hitting his two tries from around 35 yards.

If that wasn’t enough, backups Brian Bravo and Myles Homan each had their chances – and they both came through. Bravo nailed a 43-yard shot, and Homan connected on a 49-yarder along with a 19-yard kick.

The Boilermakers didn’t do much with the punting game other than just let the guys kick it away. It wasn’t always pretty – there was a big shank – but nothing overall to be worried about. Joe Schopper averaged 40.5 yards per kick.

1. Purdue Has Lots And Lots Of Quarterbacks

Dedrick Mackey might have turned into one of the better receivers on the day – even though he’s a defensive back …

But the Boilermaker quarterbacks looked and played well.

In all, seven different passers got in a little work, and that doesn’t include likely starter Elijah Sindelar.

David Blough was back on the field – still recovering from his ankle injury of last season – but freshman Jack Plummer was the star, taking command of the attack, looking sharp, and throwing two touchdown passes, getting plenty of time with the first-team receivers. The biggest concern was whether or not he’d be heading back to Arizona for his high school prom.

Also in the mix for time is Nick Sipe, who did this …

The offense took control early on in the O vs. D format, but the defense rose up late to make it interesting. The offense won 42-36.


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