Daily Five: The Breakout Quarterbacks You Need To Know

Daily Five: The Breakout Quarterbacks You Need To Know

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: The Breakout Quarterbacks You Need To Know


18 for ’18: 18 key offseason topics: No. 13, the quarterbacks who transferred, or are about to rock and become big-time producers you need to know about. 

18 for ’18: No. 13 The Breakout Quarterbacks You Need To Know

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Really, did you know who McKenzie Milton was last year at this time? To a slightly lesser extent, how about SMU’s Ben Hicks and Riley Ferguson of Memphis?

These five quarterbacks have the upside to breakout and go from being good to a really big deal. Some are transfers who should rock, and others are players ready to go from good to nationally special.

5. Nathan Rourke, Ohio, Jr.

The job was supposed to be Quinton Maxwell’s.

The 2017 Ohio Bobcats were returning strong, loaded with a good enough team to at least challenge for the MAC title, and the expected emergence of the 6-3, 224-pound Maxwell was a part of it.

After all, he controlled the offense for most of 2016, right up until the very end of his freshman season. But with his experience and upside, the program was about to start growing around him.

But JUCO transfer Nathan Rourke took over early on, and he went on to have one of the greatest statistical seasons in college football history.

The 6-2, 210-pounder from Canada didn’t do too much on the ground in high school, and he wasn’t much of a running at Fort Scott CC, either. But in the opening game blowout of Hampton, he took off for 50 yards and three scores. That didn’t seem like any big deal until around the middle of the season.

He thew just fine after taking the job over from Maxwell, but by the time the season was over, he ran for 912 yards and 21 scores, averaging an evil 6.66 yards per carry.

While he completion percentage needs to improve – after hitting 55% – he threw for 2,203 yards and 17 scores and just seven picks.

Maxwell is still in the equation, but on a team with so many new moving parts, Rourke might just be the constant that gets Ohio into the MAC title game.


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