Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami

Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami



The final practice was all well and good – there wasn’t a true spring game – but the starting quarterback for your 2018 USC Trojans wasn’t out there slinging it around quite yet.

The program is in a holding pattern until star recruit JT Daniels shows up. And there are a whole lot of eggs being put in his basket.

Matt Fink and Jack Sears have been inconsistent throughout the spring. Like any new passers working the spring kinks out, there have moments where they looked the part, and moments when they just didn’t have it at all, causing panic sirens to go off.

Offensive coordinator Tee Martin hasn’t cranked them up quite yet, and the attack will work around the ground game early on in the post-Sam Darnold era, but …

JT, it’s on you, son.

Fink was last year’s backup, but he didn’t get enough time to do anything to give him the upper hand this offseason. He can run a little bit and has good midrange accuracy, but Sears can push the ball a bit more.

The talent is there on the rest of the Trojan team to join Washington as the favorite to win the Pac-12, but this is USC. It’s supposed to be in the national championship hunt. It’s going to need a Darnold-level quarterback to emerge.

He’s on his way …

Best Guess On Fall Depth Chart: 1) Daniels, 2) Fink, 3) Sears

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