Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami

Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: Quarterback Updates Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami


After a big Saturday of spring games, here’s the update on five of the biggest quarterback battles this offseason: Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma and Miami.

Quarterback Updates at Clemson, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Miami

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There’s not a whole lot to take away from most spring football games – the goal is to always make sure no one gets hurt. However, when it comes to the quarterback battles, they set the tone for the fall camps. Here’s the deal with five of the biggest ones after the April 14 games.

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Trevor Lawrence is going to be really, really good.

Flip a coin between Georgia’s Justin Fields or Lawrence on who the bigger hot shot quarterback recruit was in this year’s class, but on Saturday, Clemson’s guy looked the part.

He’s got the size, the stature, and the arm, showing off the ability to push the ball wherever he wants with a mature touch. He ended up completing 11-of-16 passes for 122 yards, but it was his brilliant scoring pass to Tee Higgins that will have everyone buzzing over the summer.

But don’t push out Kelly Bryant just yet.

It wasn’t the smoothest of games, and he never quite settled in. If it looked like he was pressing, and if you think he played like a quarterback who knows he needs to be brilliant to  keep his gig, you’re probably right. He hit 8-of-15 throws for 35 yards.

And then there’s Hunter Johnson – destined to soon be the hottest prospect on the transfer circuit if he doesn’t win the gig. He already stated that he has no interest in taking off like Zerrick Cooper did this offseason, but with his skills and talent – he was the hot get in last year’s class – he’s way too good to be sitting if Lawrence turns into the main man. Johnson completed 8-of-14 passes for 85 yards and ran for a score.

Best Guess On Fall Depth Chart: 1) Lawrence, 2) Bryant, 3) Johnson



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