Daily Five: Each Power Five Conference's Sleeper Team

Daily Five: Each Power Five Conference's Sleeper Team

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: Each Power Five Conference's Sleeper Team


Pac-12: Arizona Wildcats

Kevin Sumlin really isn’t that bad at this whole coaching thing.

He might have had Johnny Manziel, but Sumlin did lead the Aggies to an 11-2 record in his first season at A&M, and he’s only had one losing season in his ten years as a head man.

He’ll be terrific in his new gig.

Fine, so he doesn’t do conference titles – either at Houston or Texas A&M – but his teams are consistently fun and exciting, and they do win. They just didn’t win enough for the College Station fans.

But there’s no Alabama, Auburn or LSU in the Pac-12 South.

USC has to reload a bit, UCLA isn’t there yet, Colorado should be just okay, and while Utah will be dangerous, the Cats have to be good enough to handle them on the road – at least that’s a reasonable expectation,

And Arizona State has Herm Edwards. Let’s just wait and see on that.

With Khalil Tate at the helm, and with some decent skill guys around him and enough talent back on defense to not be a disaster, there are pieces in place to go on a run.

BYU, at Houston, Southern Utah – and a yawn. There’s your non-conference schedule before starting out the Pac-12 season at Oregon State.

USC? It has to come to Tucson. Somehow win that, and Cal and at Utah don’t seems so bad before having to go to UCLA.

Oregon and Colorado? Whatever – and those are both home games. There’s no Washington or Stanford to face from the North, and there’s a lovely week off before dealing with Washington State on the road and the showdown at home against ASU.


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