Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...

Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...



2 seed: Alabama Crimson Tide

At some point there will be a slip.

It’s impossible to sustain this type of laser-focused intensity for this long without a strange meltdown or two at some point, but when you have more NFL talent than just about everyone else, most of the battle is already won.

As always, the Crimson Tide will do more than their part to keep the NFL Draft stocked with fresh bodies, but this was a very, very deep team last season with a ton of young talent ready to rise up and do more.

The backfield is unfairly good at both quarterback and running back. The receiving corps won’t miss Calvin Ridley one bit, and four starters return to the O line.

The defense might have to replace a whole host of too-talented players in the secondary, but it’s Alabama. It’s going to be okay.

Why They’ll Get Into The College Football Playoff

Like you can have a College Football Playoff without Alabama.

Remember all those big plays at the end of the national championship win over Georgia? Yeah, most of them on offense were made by freshmen. Combine them with the outstanding veterans in place, and there won’t be any problems – especially against this schedule.

Alabama always pushes itself in the season opener, but Louisville? That shouldn’t be a problem, and none of the first eight games will be, either.

Oh sure, Texas A&M will be a fun diversion, and going to Tennessee and Arkansas won’t be without their charm, but be disappointed if the Tide don’t roll through the first part of the season without every game being decided easily by double-digits.

At LSU? That’s the first and only road game of the season against a team that went bowling last year – okay, so Ole Miss didn’t go on a technicality, but you get the idea – and then Mississippi State, Citadel, Auburn – home, home, home … SEC Championship Game.

Why They’ll Miss Out On The College Football Playoff

The quarterback situation with Jalen Hurts and Tua Tagovailoa turns into a problem in terms of consistent production, there’s a sense of entitlement on a team that’s warned not to have a sense of entitlement, and it sees what everyone else does – an easy schedule that should be a 12-0 run.

And then they’ll lose that LSU game in Death Valley.

Also, don’t totally gloss over the road game Arkansas, or the home dates against Mizzou and Mississippi State. All three of those teams will have funky-fun, high-powered offenses that on the right day might just catch an overconfident Bama team napping.

And then there’s Auburn. Even though it’s a home game for the Tide, this Tiger team – assuming it’s in one piece in late November – will be more than good enough to do that all over again and win the Iron Bowl for a second year in a row.

Oh yeah … Georgia.

Alabama isn’t getting in at 11-2. It slips once along the way, loses to the Dawgs in Atlanta, and that’s it. The CFP string is broken.

What’s Really Going To Happen?

There will be a slip along the way, but not one that’ll cost the Crimson Tide the SEC West this year.

It’ll be unexpected – like at Tennessee, or in a shootout at Arkansas or Ole Miss – but there will be just that one.

They go to the SEC Championship, take out Georgia in what some will dub the real 2018 National Championship, and go on to yet another College Football Playoff.


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