Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...

Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...

2018 Spring Football

Daily Five: The College Football Playoff Teams Will Be ...


3 seed: Ohio State Buckeyes

Really? You think this is the year Michigan will actually beat these guys?

There’s always the possibility of another Iowa clunker like the one last season that kept the eventual Big Ten champs out of the College Football Playoff, but on talent, experience and upside, Michigan State is the one team that could be a problem in the East, and Wisconsin is definitely going to be a concern overall.

Fortunately for the Buckeye world, the running back situation is as good as any in the country, the defensive line is as good as ever, and there’s speed, speed, speed everywhere.

And no, there’s no concern about the loss of J.T. Barrett. Dwayne Haskins – and it’ll be Haskins over Joe Burrow and Tate Martell – will be outstanding.

Why They’ll Get Into The College Football Playoff

Unlike last season when the Buckeyes couldn’t get past Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma in Columbus, this year’s nasty non-conference game is against TCU in AT&T Stadium in Arlington. That’s not a layup by any means – the Horned Frogs will be fantastic – but it’s not 2017 OU with No. 6 under center. 

Penn State is the only true road game until October 20th against Purdue. Both are dangerous, but any team worth its CFP salt takes down those two.

They’ll be able to lose once along the way, and after beating Michigan yet again, they’ll get back to the Big Ten Championship at 11-1 with the shot to get back in for the third time in five years.

Why They’ll Miss Out On The College Football Playoff

Let’s say Haskins isn’t that good. 

There are holes to fill on the offensive line and across the defense, and yeah, J.T. Barrett was better than you think.

TCU turns out to turn it on in Jerry World, Ohio State loses one of the two big Big Ten road games against Penn State or Michigan State – or both if they beat TCU – and that’s it.

Also, don’t discount the potential of Wisconsin taking this spot by winning the Big Ten title. This Badger team is going to be a killer.

What’s Really Going To Happen?

Ohio State struggles a bit at times, but it survives and advances past TCU and tougher-than-asked for games against Purdue and – don’t laugh, really – Maryland on the road.

It loses one of the two road games against Penn State or Michigan State, but it takes down Wisconsin again in the Big Ten title game to secure the No. 3 spot.


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