2018 NFL Draft: Top 30 Best Players Available After First Round

2018 NFL Draft: Top 30 Best Players Available After First Round

2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft: Top 30 Best Players Available After First Round


Who are the best players still on the board after the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft? 

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2018 NFL Draft
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Top 30 NFL Draft Players Available

30. S Jessie Bates, Wake Forest

A great hitter with the versatile and speed to play anywhere in a secondary, he’s got the smarts and the tools to be an instant starter somewhere somehow. He’s just an okay tackler, and he’s not a blazer, but he’s a baller who’s always around the play.

Original Projection: Second Round

29. WR James Washington, Oklahoma State

Here’s certainly not a perfect receiver prospect in a weak receiver draft, but he’s a field stretcher who can easily find a home as a No. 3 target – at worst – and be a fantastic part of an ensemble cast. You don’t produce like he did for so long without knowing what you’re doing.

Original Projection: Third Round

28. DE Rasheem Green, USC

In a draft full of hybrid pass rushers and smallish outside options, here’s your beef. The 275-pounder moves like a much smaller defender, with the upside to become one of the draft’s most productive players behind the line.

Original Projection: Second Round

27. C Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State

It doesn’t matter if he plays at guard, tackle, or ends up in the middle, he’s found a way to produce no matter where he works. He’s not the greatest athlete, but he’s a quarterback for a line. Expect him to be someone’s anchor after the second round.

Original Projection: Third Round

26. CB Donte Jackson, LSU

Oh yeah, you want his speed. The size isn’t there, and he’s not a great tackler, but there’s a place in the NFL for a producer who can run a 4.32. And yeah, he’s a tackler.

Original Projection: Second Round

25. WR Christian Kirk, Texas A&M

Either as a dangerous route runner and true No. 1 target, or as a devastating return man, there are several places he can work on an NFL team. Lightning quick and tough for his size, he stands out from the crowd. There aren’t any more reliable weapons in the draft.

Original Projection: Second Round

24. S Kyzer White, West Virginia

Kevin White’s brother, he might not receive the same recognition the other top safeties do, and he might be flying under he radar, but he’s a fierce and fearless hitter who’ll destroy running games.

Original Projection: Third Round

23. LB Malik Jefferson, Texas

He might not be all that huge, and he wasn’t quite the devastating force he was expected to be as a special recruit, even for Texas. However, he can find a way to become a good, productive cog in a linebacking corps. He’s the type of football player coaches love to have.

Original Projection: Third Round

22. OLB/DE Jeff Holland, Auburn

Size is a problem, and he’s not going to be a true defensive end. But as a tweener, he’s an edge rusher extraordinaire who knows how to screw up offenses. He’s tough for his 6-2, 249-pound size and will dominate on third downs.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

21. WR D.J. Chark, LSU

One of the superstars at the Combine, he’s a dangerous deep threat who can take over games on his own, and can come through in the clutch. He’s the rare guy who’ll probably be a whole lot better a pro than a college player – it’ll help to have a good quarterback throwing his way.

Original Projection: Second Round

20. LB Tegray Scales, Indiana

Okay, so he’s too small and doesn’t fit the type. It doesn’t matter. He’ll be a special teamer early on, a willing player in any style and system, and then he’ll be among a team’s leading tacklers. The instincts are off the charts.

Original Projection: Fourth Round

19. TE Mike Gesicki, Penn State

No, he’s not going to block, and yeah, he looks like he should block. Whatever – he’ll catch everything that comes his way and be a devastating matchup nightmare down the field. He’ll one day be on your fantasy team.

Original Projection: Second Round

18. OG Braden Smith, Auburn

Able to work at either tackle or guard spot, he’s a brutish run blocker considering his tall frame and length. Athletic, too, he’ll work out just fine in pass protection for a long, long time – as a guard. He’ll be a great value pick outside of the top 50.

Original Projection: Third Round

17. TE Dallas Goedert, South Dakota State

The most talented tight end in the draft, it’s stunning that he isn’t being given more hype coming off a 92-catch season – even if it was at the FCS level. A superstar a the Combine, he has all the prototype tools, and he can catch. He won’t block all that well, but he’ll make a whole lot of plays.

Original Projection: Second Round

16. OT Orlando Brown, Oklahoma

Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s too massive and he’s not strong enough and he’s not athletic enough and he’s not explosive enough. But he’s a tremendous football player who be far better and far more productive than his workouts. You don’t keep Baker Mayfield in one piece without doing something right.

Original Projection: Second Round

15. DE Sam Hubbard, Ohio State

A perfect get in the mid-second round, he’s a smart, tough pass rusher who knows how to work in a rotation and produce. He plays fast, gets into the backfield, and can start right away. He’s the disruptive force everyone is looking for – especially outside of the top 40.

Original Projection: Second Round

14. OG/OT Connor Williams, Texas

Is he a guard, a tackle, can he do either one, and can he do it at a high level? After a rough season, he was more than good enough at the Combine to prove that he’s healthy again, and now he’ll be someone’s try-out at tackle before becoming a tone-setter at guard.

Original Projection: Second Round

13. C James Daniels, Iowa

No, really. How did Frank Ragnow get selected before him? The Arkansas center was taken by Detroit – and it’s not a bad pick – but Daniels is a better guard if needed and a rock-solid center. Okay, so he’s slightly undersized at 6-3 and 295 pounds, but he can hit.

Original Projection: Second Round

12. S Justin Reid, Stanford

Really fast, and obviously, Stanford smart, he might not be the greatest run defender, but he can fly. A strong ball-hawker who made 94 tackles last season, he’s as solid an all-around safety pick as they come.

Original Projection: First Round

11. DT Maurice Hurst, Michigan

There’s a concern about his medical condition – he was found to have an irregular heartbeat – but as long as that’s okay, there’s a chance he might just be the best defensive tackle in the draft. A true leader, he’s great behind the line and he’s as consistent as they come.

Original Projection: Second Round

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