2018 NFL Draft Guard & Center Rankings: From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft Guard & Center Rankings: From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft Guard & Center Rankings: From The College Perspective


It’s NFL Draft time. Finally. Who are the guards and centers who’ll matter from the 2018 NFL Draft, and what’s the college perspective on all of the top prospects?

Daily Five: NFL Draft Guard & Center Rankings

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It’s a great year for interior linemen with a few sure-thing stars at guard and a deep class of excellent, versatile centers. Here are the ones to watch out for going into the 2018 NFL Draft.

15. OG Colby Gossett, Appalachian State

6-6, 315: Potentially a factor at right tackle or on the inside, he was the key blocker to a rock-solid ASU offense over the last few years. He’s got the versatility and the right body, but he’ll mostly be a key reserve who’ll always deliver wherever he’s put, more than be counted on a strong part of a starting five.
Projected Round: Fifth

14. C Scott Quessenberry, UCLA

6-4, 315: A better pure football player than an athlete or a workout warrior, he’s not going to move all that much, but he’s got NFL skills at handling a line. He’ll be a solid starter, but nothing amazing.
Projected Round: Fourth

13. OG Taylor Hearn, Clemson

6-5, 330: A strong run blocker on a fantastic Tiger line, he can play either guard spot at the next level and be a solid part of the puzzle. There’s little athleticism, and he’ll have a nightmare of a time with quicker interior pass rushers, but he’ll blast away.
Projected Round: Fifth

12. C Will Clapp, LSU

6-5, 314: The guy did a little of everything for the LSU O line, seeing time at both guard spots and shining as a center. While he might not be elite at an NFL level at any one thing, he’s a strong, reliable blocker who’ll never cheat the effort. The versatility will make hm a wonderful find as a late-round starter.
Projected Round: Fifth

11. C Bradley Bozeman, Alabama

6-5, 316: A rock-solid, mistake-free drive blocker of a center, he’s got the right size, reliability, and durability to be a plug-and-play starter early on at center or guard. He’s not the quickest guy around, and this is a big year overall for centers, but he’ll be a good mid-round value pick.
Projected Round: Fourth

10. OG Wyatt Teller, Virginia Tech

6-4, 301: Functionally strong, tough, and with a whole lot of salt in his attitude, he grew into a star at guard after starting out his career on the defensive line. He’ll drop after a mediocre season, but the talent and strength are there to dominate if the light goes back on.
Projected Round: Third

9. C/G Austin Corbett, Nevada

6-4, 305: A versatile blocker who could work at any spot on an NFL line, his future is in the middle where he’ll be a great quarterback up front. Very smooth and with a whole lot of pop, he needs to learn how to handle himself in the interior after excelling as a tackle at Nevada.
Projected Round: Third

8. C/G Martinas Rankin, Mississippi State

6-5, 305: While he was a brilliant all-star blocker at a high level at tackle, and he’s spent time at guard, he’s a center in the NFL. He can play anywhere on a pro line, but with his skills, toughness, and smarts – and his just-okay athleticism – he’ll thrive at center.
Projected Round: Third

7. C Frank Ragnow, Arkansas

6-5, 309: Able to play right guard if needed, he’ll be a longtime pro center who’ll bring a whole lot of pop to his game. Good in pass protection, too, he’s a very tough, very smart, very steady all-around blocker. He’ll be a main man quarterback and leader for an NFL line for a long time.
Projected Round: Third

6. C James Daniels, Iowa

6-3, 295: Good at guard, better at center, he was the star of a solid Iowa line over the last few years. He might not be as big as many would like, and he’s not bulky, but he moves extremely well and does everything right. He’s not going to power over anyone, but on smarts and quickness, he’ll thrive right away as a leader up front.
Projected Round: Second

5. OG Braden Smith, Auburn

6-6, 303: It might be nice if he was a little bit bulkier, but he’s got great length, can be used as a tackle, and is strong enough to hold his own on the inside and become a force.

While some will like him because of his versatility – he might be tried out as a right tackle – but he’ll make his money as a terrific guard who can get on the move.

Don’t let his frame fool you; he can get nasty and bring the thump, too.

Even with his athleticism, he’s just okay as a pass protector, and he’s more like a barrel-chested brute-blocker in a right tackle’s body, but he’ll be a good NFL starter with a good, long career.

Projected Round: Third
Real Value: Third Round

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