2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective


21. Cincinnati Bengals (from Buffalo Bills)

PICK: C Billy Price, Ohio State

– Love it. He’ll be fine after suffering an injured pec muscle at the Combine, and he’ll be a killer.

– NASTY. He’s going to be a tone-setter for the Bengal line from the start. He’s going to give this offense an attitude. Considering the running game hasn’t worked, Cincinnati needed some new blood up front.

– Put him at guard, or put him at center, and he’ll be terrific.

22. Tennessee Titans (from Baltimore from Buffalo from Kansas City)

PICK: LB Rashaan Evans, Alabama

– Frightfully embarrassed by this. I forgot about him, or I would’ve stumped for him earlier. Great pick, great player, and he’s a rock of a pick here.

– New England would’ve snapped him up in a heartbeat. Tennessee needed to move up to grab him.

– The Titans needed a pass rusher, but Evans is the inside linebacker who should be an impact player for a long, long time.

23. New England Patriots (from Los Angeles Rams)

PICK: OG Isaiah Wynn, Georgia

– Tackle?! If Bill Belichick is calling him a tackle, he’s a tackle.

– He’s a guard. It’s fine. Considering the Patriots were looking for O line help, he’ll work no matter where he plays.

– Lamar Jackson would’ve been a whole lot of fun, though. Belichick doesn’t really do anything fun.

– Wynn is going to be fun for the rest of the offense. He’s a great value pick, especially as a guard here.

– And here comes the receiver. Carolina needs one. At this point, the value is fantastic no matter where the Panthers go.

24. Carolina Panthers

PICK: WR DJ Moore, Maryland

– I know everyone else loves him, but Calvin Ridley is the stronger prospect. Moore is a smallish, tough target who isn’t afraid to get nasty. But is he a true No. 1?

– Yeah, he’s a true No. 1. He’ll fight through everything to get the extra yards. There’s no prima donna in him.

– The Panthers might not be done at receiver. They needed a star, but they’ll potentially go with bulk picks later to go along with Moore. They’ll have to address the corner situation in a bit.

– And here goes Lamar Jackson … right?

25. Baltimore Ravens (from Tennessee)

PICK: TE Hayden Hurst, South Carolina

– He’s not Lamar Jackson. He’d better be great right away considering he’s overaged.

– I’m a bigger fan of Dallas Goedert, but the Ravens needed a tight end, and Hurst is right there. Hurst can move, he’ll block, and he’s a good all-around tight end. He’s not amazing, and he’s not special, but he’s good enough to fill the hole.

– Lamar Jackson changes the franchise. Hurst doesn’t.

26. Atlanta Falcons

PICK: WR Calvin Ridley, Alabama

– The Falcons had to go wide receiver. They had one right there at a great value, and they got him.

– Calvin Ridley might not be perfect, but considering he had Jalen Hurts throwing to him, he was fantastic.

– As long as Julio Jones is cool, look out. The Falcon offense is beyond loaded, and now he doesn’t have to be a No.1 guy? It’s a terrific situation for him. He doesn’t have to be the blazer who gets deep. All he needs to do is be the fantastic route runner he is, and let Matt Ryan do the rest.

– A cornerback has to be coming next. Seattle has its pick of several terrific options. I’ll guess Josh Jackson, but Mike Hughes could be the …

27. Seattle Seahawks (from New Orleans)

PICK: RB Rashaad Penny, San Diego State

– WOW. Pete Carroll always goes off-the-board. Did the Seahawks need to take Penny here? No, but since when does Seattle care about draft value?

– It’s early. Derrius Guice is a better pure running back prospect, but Penny can do it all. He’s not going to return kicks, but he’ll be more than solid as a receiver and he’ll be an instant starter.

– It’s a deep class of cornerbacks, but the Seahawks don’t draft again until the third round. They could’ve traded back down, taken Penny later, and had a few more options.

– Again, it’s Seattle. It doesn’t care what you think.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers

PICK: S Terrell Edmunds, Virginia Tech

– Uhhhhhh, okay. Lamar Jackson would’ve been the pick to make a push for the future, but Edmunds is a need. He’s not the prospect his brother Tremaine is, but he can move and he’s got prototype size.

– It’s Pittsburgh. It has a good track record of figuring out the safety situation. However, he’s not a sure-thing star. He can play either safety spot, but this is a reach.

– In terms of character, personality, and physical toughness, he’s a Steeler.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

PICK: DT Taven Bryan, Florida

– Offense, offense, offense. The Jaguars have the defensive studs, but they needed more weapons, especially at receiver. This doesn’t make much sense.

– Yeah, Bryan is an athletic marvel, but he wasn’t all that great. He’s an athlete with serious speed to go along with his 291-pound size, but he didn’t do much for the Gators. He’s a shot for the stars.

– Courtland Sutton, or a tight end, or more playmakers? The Jaguars need more stars to help out Blake Bortles.

– On the plus side, Bryan doesn’t have to be the star. He’s a part of a puzzle, and that might work.

30. Minnesota Vikings

PICK: CB Mike Hughes, UCF

– Offensive line, offensive line, offensive line. The Vikings need blockers to keep Kirk Cousins in one piece and pave the way for Dalvin Cook, but they also need a corner.

– Hughes fills an immediate need. The O line might be the bigger problem, but Hughes is a blazer who’ll hit. He might need a little bit of time before he’s a star, but he’s a great value pick with all of the tools to be special.

– Is he a returner at the next level? He’s too good to not get a shot. This was a fantastic value pick late in the first round – he can do so much with his wheels.

31. New England Patriots

PICK: RB Sony Michel, Georgia

– Fantastic pick, even if it’s not Lamar Jackson. He’s a devastating all-around running back with serious speed and toughness. There’s a whole lot to love about his game, but with New England?

– This is way too interesting. New England doesn’t value the superstar running back, but that’s what he is. There might be a committee with Jeremy Hill, Rex Burkhead and James White, but with this pick, Michel has to be the main man.

– Is this a shift? Obviously, this will always be Tom Brady’s team and offense, but the less he has to carry the load at his age, the better. Michel helps with that.

– Speaking of Lamar Jackson … here we go? The Ravens trade up into the first round.

32. Baltimore Ravens (from Philadelphia)

PICK: QB Lamar Jackson, Louisville

– Brilliant. Baltimore played this so well. It could’ve and should’ve taken him far earlier in the first round, but Jackson slid, he was still there, and now he’s a Raven. It doesn’t matter that it’s the last pick of the first round – the Ravens got the guy who’ll inject a ton of excitement into the franchise’s future.

– It’s a fantastic situation. Joe Flacco can still be the guy, Jackson can take a little while to develop, and then it’s Game On.

– The Ravens need more receiver help, but they got their tight end in Hayden Hurst, and now they have the most fun pick in the first round.

– You take Baker Mayfield at the one, I’ll take Lamar Jackson at the 32 and take my chances.


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