2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective

2018 NFL Draft

2018 NFL Draft: First Round Pick Breakdown From The College Perspective


11. Miami Dolphins

PICK: S/CB Minkah Fitzpatrick, Alabama

– Derwin James is the better defensive back prospect, but absolutely no complaints here.

– Miami, the Ryan Tannehill experience continues. Lamar Jackson would’ve been fun, but there’s no passing on a player like Fitzpatrick.

– The last two picks – Rosen and Fitzpatrick – are better than the Browns’ picks at 1 and 4.

– The Dolphins need help on the defensive line and linebacker – theoretically, Tremaine Edmunds would’ve fit – but Fitzpatrick was a smart pick.

12. Tampa Bay (from Buffalo Bills from Cincinnati)

PICK: DT Vita Vea, Washington

Uhhhhhhh, okay. Not a bad pick, but with Derwin James on the board, this was a stunner. This wasn’t exactly a need pick, but uhhhhhhh, okay.

With a deep group of tackles, and Gerald McCoy up front, here’s your anchor, Tampa Bay.

The Bucs need a pass rush, but forget about running on these defensive tackles.

He has to figure out his flight to Tampa? He’s almost as big as everyone who ever walked on the plane at the last second and took the middle seat next to me.

13. Washington Redskins

PICK: DT Da’Ron Payne, Alabama

– That sucks that Tampa Bay took Vea. That’s the guy who would’ve been an easy fit for Washington.

– Okay, Plan B. Payne isn’t a bad second option behind Vea. He’s not quite the same anchor, but he’ll be a star for a long, long time. He’s a run stopper who’ll work just fine next to Jonathan Allen.

– For a franchise that saw a true gamechanger in Sean Taylor at safety, Derwin James is every bit as good talent-wise. Shocked that he’s sliding.

– First Things First is still on? Who knew?

14. New Orleans Saints (from Green Bay)

PICK: DE Marcus Davenport, UTSA

NOOOOOOOOO! Davenport is a hell of a player and a great pick who might just be the missing piece to the puzzle, but wow … Lamar Jackson would’ve been an amazing call.

– Now, the problem forever will be that Davenport will be compared to Jackson. He’d better be special.

– Really? They traded up this much to get him? Okay, but that’s a commitment. The pressure is on, but he’s not going to have to do everything up front. Stick him on the line, and turn him loose. But …

– Again, really? Giving up next year’s No. 1? And again, okay …

15. Oakland Raiders (from Arizona)

PICK: OT Kolton Miller, UCLA

– I guess so. The Raiders needed an offensive tackle, and Mike McGlinchey was gone, so here’s your pass protector for Derek Carr.

– He might be fine, but there are a whole lot of interesting players on the board. Going Derwin James or Tremaine Edmunds would’ve been very, very Raider.

– So THAT’s why Oakland didn’t go receiver. It traded Pittsburgh for Martavis Bryant.

– Oakland needed a safety, and didn’t get one. And …

16. Buffalo Bills (from Baltimore)

PICK: LB Tremaine Edmunds, Virginia Tech

– Hate, hate, HATED the idea of him going in the top ten. Love, love, LOVING him at 16. Here’s where you take the chance on something amazing.

– Combine him with Josh Allen, and Buffalo has a world of upside. It’ll take a few years before this all works, but the Bills going with the freaks.

– Stick him in the middle of the linebacking corps, watch him go.

– No, 19-year-old Tremaine Edmunds has no clue what Superfreak is.

– Buffalo is going for it. Its picks might not be perfect, and there’s downside, but this will be fun.

– How is David Shaw not an NFL head coach yet?

17. Los Angeles Chargers

PICK: S Derwin James, Florida State

– Kaaaaaa-boom. You want to talk about the prototype safety prospect, he should’ve gone in the top eight, it’s criminal he didn’t go in the top 15, and slipping to 17th is just wrong.

– The Chargers needed a safety, and it really, really good one.

– Some scouts from a major media outlet went to Florida State to check out Jalen Ramsey, and all came away gushing that James was the far better prospect. That was before the knee injury, though.

– Yeah, he fell to 17. But he gets to live in Los Angeles. After the sting goes away after dropping, he’ll quickly realize that everything worked out just fine.

– Green Bay moving up? Calvin Ridley? The Packers have to be going after receiver help, or a top-shelf corner. There’s a lot on the board that Seattle could’ve used.

18. Green Bay Packers (from Seattle)

PICK: CB Jaire Alexander, Louisville

– I’m the only one who’s not the biggest fan of Alexander, and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because he was banged up and only game up with a pick last year. I’m probably wrong on this one. Guys this quick who can tackle are rare.

– He’s not built for it, but he’s physical, he can hit, and he’ll go hard after the ball. Again, everyone else loves him. I sort of like Iowa’s Josh Jackson better,  but there’s no argument against this.

– LOVING the Dear Leader shot of Jerry Jones in the middle of the room on the phone flanked by a cast of seemingly thousands.

– This has to be Calvin Ridley, right? Lose Dez, get the next receiver star? I called Leighton Vander Esch, but …

19. Dallas Cowboys

PICK: LB Leighton Vander Esch, Boise State

– Dez Bryant was a late first round pick, too. Yeah, it’s a flaky position, but in this draft and with so many mediocre receivers, this was a decent time for one. But Vander Esch is the sort of freaky disruptive force Jerry Jones and Dallas like on D.

– The neck issue has been checked out. Dallas doesn’t get scared by medical issues.

– He’s only done it that one year. It was an amazing year, but there isn’t a massive body of work. On the plus side, there’s plenty of tread on the tires.

– It’s a shame that Dallas didn’t take Courtland Sutherland like Steve Smith wanted. He’s far better than Courtland Sutton.

20. Detroit Lions

PICK: C Frank Ragnow, Arkansas

– It might not be exciting, and a running back has to be taken sometime soon, but the Lions need the infrastructure to make the running game go.

– Sort of like Iowa’s James Daniels and Ohio State’s Billy Price better, but there’s no beef with Ragnow. He’s a force who’l be on the inside of the Lion line for a decade. He’s a tough, nasty blocker.

– Really, be excited about this, Detroit fans. He’s going to start – the pick will work. 


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