Watch Josh Allen's Really, Really Big Pro Day Throw ....

Watch Josh Allen's Really, Really Big Pro Day Throw ....

2018 NFL Draft

Watch Josh Allen's Really, Really Big Pro Day Throw ....


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Josh Allen can throw a football very, very far.

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Of course it was incomplete. Of course.

Yeah, Josh Allen has an otherworldly, Jeff George, Kyle Boller, JaMarcus Russell-level cannon …

For the next few weeks, every scout and NFL type will tell you that Allen is a freakish prospect with tools that human beings aren’t supposed to have.

He’s 6-5, 237 pounds, with big hands, good mobility, 4.75 40 speed, great all-around athleticism, and that thunderbolt from the gods that can effortlessly put the ball anywhere he wants to.

For the next few weeks, every fan will look at his stats, maybe check out a few of his games, and freak the freak out that their team might take the next Logan Thomas – everything you could ever want in a quarterback, except for the ability to play football well.

The answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

He only completed 56% of his college passes with 44 touchdowns and 21 picks, and he struggled against the better teams and defenses he had to deal with.

His one 300-yard game last season? 328 yards and two scores against Gardner-Webb. His only other multi-score games were against a sad New Mexico team, and against Central Michigan in the bowl win.

Against Iowa, Oregon, and Boise State: 44-of-91 – 48% – with one touchdown and five interceptions in the three losses.

To make this even worse, he failed to throw for 200 yards against any Power Five program, had just one other 300-yard game – against UNLV two years ago, and was way, away too inconsistent.

But that arm …

The other was to look at this is as a raw prospect with fixable issues.

He needs a lot more at-bats. It’s going to take a while, but he needs to simply play, and play, and play, and realize that he’s going to be mediocre for a while until everything starts to slow down.

Any quarterback coach worth his salt will want to do all the tinkering, with the coachability and the want-to to be great. Cowboy head man Craig Bohl was happy to vouch for him …

Maybe it’s the case of simply taking a chance on greatness.

Sam Darnold was far more of a disaster at times – especially with ball security – than many want to admit, and he takes ten days to get the ball out of his hands.

It’s a miracle Josh Rosen didn’t hurt himself at his Pro Day, Baker Mayfield is basically Case Keenum Part 2, and Lamar Jackson – while he has the upside to be fantastic – needs plenty of passing work, too.

So as the NBA Draft saying goes, if you’re going to miss, miss big.

Maybe you do take the shot at the guy who’s got the special stuff.

Maybe you have that job security to be really, really patient, too.


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