What's Going On? South Carolina Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

What's Going On? South Carolina Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

2018 Spring Football

What's Going On? South Carolina Spring Game. 3 Things To Know


South Carolina Spring Game. 3 Things To Know

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3. The Basics That Matter To You & Your College Football Existence

Almost all of the main players were sitting on the sidelines, or weren’t allowed to be popped. That meant QB Jake Bentley got to take target practice – even with Deebo Samuel not playing – connecting on 15 of his 25 throws for 174 yards and two scores in about a half, with Bryan Edwards his main target.

Backup Michael Scarnecchia was okay – it wasn’t his fault a former head coach couldn’t catch – but redshirt freshman Jay Ulrich is and true freshman Dakereon Joyner each got their chances, and struggled. After the game, Will Muschamp named Scarnecchia the No. 2.

RB Ty’Son Williams looked impressive on his four carries, but the defense didn’t have most of the key parts and didn’t go full bore – but unlike most of USC spring practices, there was hitting.

For those who had the Garnet team and the 13, sorry – the Black team won 34-20 in front of around 25,000 fans.

2. The Ball Coach Was A Quarterback For A Reason

The Gamecocks are already set at receiver and Steve Spurrier has used up all of his eligibility.

Welcome to spring games, when the goals are to have fun, see some of the new guys, and do wacky things like this …

And no, he didn’t quit on this pass, or decide to retire early like he did a few years ago.

1. Really? A Will Muschamp Team Will Have An Interesting O?

Bentley is enough of a veteran to be able to handle a new wrinkle to the attack, and he’ll have the receiving corps in place once everyone is healthy.

This was the first time fans got a chance to see the slightly-faster tempo attack under new offensive coordinator Bryan McClendon.

Again, Bentley looked good against a D that was trying to put in a slew of disparate parts, but getting into a rhythm like he did was a positive.

And now, the focus for the last few practices and the rest of the offseason will be on the defense. If the Gamecocks can fit in the pieces, and if the veteran O really does start to take off – here is your wild-card team in the SEC race.

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