Daily Five: What Mattered From The NFL Combine?

Daily Five: What Mattered From The NFL Combine?

2018 NFL Draft

Daily Five: What Mattered From The NFL Combine?


Saquon, Shaquem, and the quarterbacks, what mattered and what will be remembered from the 2018 NFL Combine?

Daily Five: 2018 NFL Combine

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For the most part, it was a relatively dry NFL Combine. There were some all-timer special moments – more on those in a bit – but for the most part, everyone was who and what we thought they were. Here are the five things that mattered from the NFL Combine.

5. The NFL Network needs more informed college analysts

Obviously everyone does their homework on the NFL Network staff, and obviously they know their stuff throughout the whole scouting process.

But The Network needs a top-shelf purely college analyst to be a part of all of this, too.

Really? Who was shocked that Saquon Barkley was going to come up with a special workout?

Really? It was a surprise in any way that Josh Allen was going to have the biggest arm of the bunch?

Really? Who didn’t know that Shaquem Griffin was fast, athletic, and fantastic at overcoming everything to workout like he did?

The gushing on Barkley, Allen and Griffin wouldn’t stop, with Rich Eisen seemingly about to cry if someone didn’t agree with him that the Giants should take the Penn State star at the two.

How many times did one of the analysts mention that he saw a certain player a few times, or saw one big game, or broke down the highlight reel?

What’s missing from all of the analysis is a straight up Play/Can’t Play thought on these guys. By the numbers, only a few of the prospects in Indianapolis will ever be worth the draft pick. It should be someone’s job during that broadcast to call that out.

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