What's Going On? Sam Darnold Not Throwing At Combine. Why Not?

What's Going On? Sam Darnold Not Throwing At Combine. Why Not?

2018 NFL Draft

What's Going On? Sam Darnold Not Throwing At Combine. Why Not?


What’s going on? Sam Darnold won’t throw in Indianapolis at the Combine. But why?

Why won’t Sam Darnold throw at the NFL Combine?

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There’s no truth to the rumor that Sam Darnold might throw a pick at the NFL Combine.

Okay, so he’s not going to throw. But why not?

Sam Darnold might be the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, and at worst, he’ll go in the top five. So there’s no real reason to throw, workout, or do anything in Indianapolis.

It’s the part of the NFL offseason evaluation no one likes to admit – the Combine is really only for the guys who aren’t sure-thing first rounders.

There’s just no point for Darnold, or Saquon Barkley, or Bradley Chubb, or Josh Rosen to workout. They can’t help their respective stocks, but they can struggle or be exposed just a wee bit, and that’s the point.

Pro Days are the ideal for top prospects, conducted in friendly, home field environments with everything choreographed and everything scripted to make the prospect look amazing. So why throw in a possible variable in Indianapolis?

Of course, if you’ve got a next-level howitzer and freakish athletic skills, then yeah, workout in Indy and show off why there’s all the hype. If you’re Josh Allen, yup – there are so many question marks, a great showing generates the buzz that makes everyone realize what all the fun is about.

Darnold has an okay arm, and the passing drills at the Combine are so innocuous that participating just doesn’t do much of anything.

However, there’s a risk. Don’t work out, don’t throw, don’t compete, and then comes the “what does he have to hide?” concerns.

Darnold completed 63% of his passes for 4,143 yards and 26 touchdowns with 13 picks with five rushing scores for the Trojans last season, but ball security was a big, big problem. Even so, the upside is too good to ignore, and Cleveland appears ready to pounce.


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