What's Going On? Miami Gets Its Defensive Line Coach

What's Going On? Miami Gets Its Defensive Line Coach


What's Going On? Miami Gets Its Defensive Line Coach


What’s going on? Miami hires Atlanta Falcon assistant Jess Simpson to handle the D line. 

Miami hires Jess Simpson

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Yes, Miami is bringing in Jess Simpson – and not the fun one.

Miami might lose end Chad Thomas, but the line should still be among the best in the country for a defense that finished first in the country in sacks, third in tackles for loss, and was disruptive and dangerous all season long.

And now, after losing Crag Kuligowski to Alabama, it has its defensive line coach to take over what’s becoming one of the few position coaching glamour positions.

Jess Simpson had a year in college working on the Georgia State defensive line two years ago, was part of the Atlanta Falcon staff last season, and was a Georgia high school coaching god winning seven state championships, but now the pressure is on.

Joe Jackson and five of the top seven defensive linemen are back from a group that cranked up 44 sacks, and most of the 111 tackles for loss return on the D. But if there’s any sort of a dip in production, the blame will quickly go to Simpson.

However, he got the talent to be a high-riser in the coaching world. He’s in a great situation with a chance to succeed with everything in place, move up to a defensive coordinator job, and go from there.

But first, keep Miami as the best pass rushing defense in college football. No pressure.

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