What's Going On? Alabama Lands A QB. Could Gardner Minshew Really Play?

What's Going On? Alabama Lands A QB. Could Gardner Minshew Really Play?


What's Going On? Alabama Lands A QB. Could Gardner Minshew Really Play?


What’s going on? Will new Alabama quarterback Gardner Minshew really play? Can he lead the Tide to a national championship?

Meet New Alabama Quarterback Gardner Minshew

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Jalen Hurts, slot receiver …

It’s by far the most interesting under-the-radar story in college football at the moment.

While several quarterback graduate transfers are still on the free agent market, East Carolina’s Gardner Minshew wasn’t expected to be the hottest of commodities.

He was brilliant at times over the final month of last season – filling in for Thomas Sirk and to finish with over 2,140 yards and 16 scores, throwing for 463 yards against Houston and 444 against Cincinnati – but he was wildly inconsistent and threw three picks in the 70-13 loss to Memphis.

When Alabama showed an interest, and Minshew had his opportunity to play for the defending national champ, he took it.

Apparently, he wants to get into coaching, and why not become a part of the Alabama family and get everything started right away?

It’s a brilliant idea – be on the best team in college football, learn on the fly from the best of the best, and maybe audition to be a graduate assistant under Nick Saban and climb the ladder from there.

However, he just might have to play a little quarterback, too.

The idea that either Jalen Hurts or Tua Tagovailoa will transfer is purely a media creation – for now.

Those who know these two don’t see either one of them leaving no matter how the quarterback race shakes out, but check back on that in August.

Let’s say one of them does leave – and don’t be so sure that Hurts doesn’t keep his starting gig – then Minshew becomes a pure-passing emergency option with the smarts and experience to step in and keep the wheels from falling off.

No matter what, he’ll play a big role in practices, and he could be in the mix if injuries kick in, but could he really end up leading Alabama to a CFP title if disaster strikes?

The Crimson Tide won a national championship with Greg McElroy under center, and won another with Jake Coker as the starter – Minshew isn’t all that far off. The defense will be amazing again, the running backs tremendous, and the schedule isn’t all that bad, so if the unthinkable happens, the quarterback might just be along for the ride.

Coach Minshew won’t have a problem learning the system, and if he has to play, he’ll get all the protection and time he needs to work, and he’s good enough to be this year’s amazing storyline after all the confetti is done falling in Santa Clara.

And if he just so happens to be around for the apprenticeship, that’s fine, too.

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