Super Bowl Final Thoughts, Prop Bet Predictions & Investment Advice

Super Bowl Final Thoughts, Prop Bet Predictions & Investment Advice


Super Bowl Final Thoughts, Prop Bet Predictions & Investment Advice


The final thoughts, a few predictions, and some investment advice to make your life a heck of a lot better than it currently is for Super Bowl LII. 

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Super Bowl LII New England vs. Philadelphia Final Thoughts & Investment Advice

Oh it’s the Super Bowl. What the hell else are you going to do?

This isn’t just anecdotal – I can never remember a Super Bowl with less interest in all of the pregame hoo-ha.

The only storyline is how much it sucks to be in Minnesota in the first weekend of February – I’m from there; I’m allowed to say that. And for those who enjoying the novelty of the location, yeah, it’s because they get to leave on Monday.

But, of course, no one cares since the game is played inside, and the weather outside has no bearing on anything other than making everyone a whole lot grouchier when they have to wait to get into The Bank – and for those investing on how often the temperature outside is mentioned.

So what’s going to happen in your Super Bowl LII, what are the best prop bets to go after?

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

You can X and O this thing to death, and too many people are trying. Here’s the problem with that – it’s Bill Belichick with two weeks to prepare. Throw out everything you think you know and hold dear to your heart when it comes to what New England is going to do.

So forget that side of things, and …

Going with the gut feeling is what you do after eating too much miserable Super Bowl party dip. However, the talk amongst “the community” when it comes to this game is eerily similar to the mood before the Clemson-Alabama College Football Playoff National Championship, Part 2.

Everyone loved Deshaun Watson, and everyone liked the idea of Clemson pulling off the win, but it was Alabama, and it was a national title game. And you don’t go against Alabama in a national title game.

And that’s what I thought, too.

After all was said and done, Bama was going to figure it out and be Bama. And it came within one defensive stop of pulling it off.

But Nick Foles isn’t Deshaun Watson. Remember, in New England’s Super Bowls, it faced Kurt Warner – mustard jacket. Donovan McNabb – Hall of the Very Good. Jake Delhomme – that’s the one outlier. Eli Manning – first ballot Hall of Famer. Russell Wilson – likely Hall of Famer. Matt Ryan – fringe Hall of Famer.

Nick Foles has to simply not screw this up. Yeah, he’s been out-of-his-mind good in the playoffs, but there’s still a 53% passing game deep within his locker waiting to come out.

New England might be New England, but the team plays paper-thin margin Super Bowls. Why do you think this is going to be anything more than a close war that comes down to the final moments?

There are a whole lot of half-smart people out there putting a whole lot of real money down on Philadelphia.

So, again, here’s the general mood I’m sensing and hearing. New England is New England, and with two weeks to prepare, it’s going to figure it all out. But Philadelphia might just be that special, at least defensively, and at least to cover.

Let me put it this way. Even though it’s not in my DNA to go against New England in a Super Bowl, everything football-wise is screaming that Philadelphia is winning this in terms of the nebulous intangibles.

The defense, the midrange passing game, the attitude, the problems New England has getting going sometimes, the issues the Patriot O line will have protecting Brady, etc. So if the world wants to give me 4.5 points – solid.

Know your Super Bowl history. The teams with the phenomenal defenses almost always pull it off. However, usually those defenses are historic, like Chicago, Tampa Bay, Baltimore and Seattle. Philly’s D is great, but it’s not even the best in the league this year.

Loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED Philadelphia when it opened at New England at -6. Just sort of like the Eagles to lose but cover the 4.5. Again, though, there’s just enough there to think Philly could actually pull this off.

I was starting to dig the over, too. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that the Philadelphia is going to pull a New York Giants and get the D rolling to stall the Patriot offense just enough to keep this low.

The total has gone up, though, from 47 to 48.5, and 49 at the Westgate. Basically, you’re asking whether or not this can get to 27-24.

New England in Super Bowl XXXVI vs. the Rams? 20-17.

In XXXVII vs. Carolina, it was 32-29, but that was with a historic fourth quarter. It was 14-10 going into the final frame.

Pats-Philly in XXIX was 24-21, Giants in XLII was famously 17-14, and 21-17 in XLVI. New England – in general – played in low-scoring Super Bowls.

New England 28, Seattle 24 in XLIX, and of course, 34-28 last year against Atlanta. Both games went over the 49 mark.

Loved the over at 47, struggling with 49, but okay.

Prop bet time. Here are the correct answers.

Forgetting the total guesses like the coin flip, if the first coach’s challenge is overturned, or which coach will be mentioned after the kickoff. To go rapid fire …

– No. P!nk won’t be airborne. They’re going to treat the National Anthem this year – of all years – by … the … book.

– Over 2:00 for P!nk to sing the thing.

– Player to score first touchdown … Rex Burkhead.

– Yes. There will be a score in the first 6:30. And it’ll be a …

– Field goal. This is stealing at +120.

– Patriots will get the first sack. Foles will be told to live to fight another day, Brady will get rid of the ball. The Eagle pass rush has been okay, not great in the playoffs.

– Any other color than white on Justin Timberlake’s shoes. Purple. Just … trust me. It’s not on the books, but see if you can find The Field.

– Will there be a successful two-point conversion? Yes. This will probably get funky scoring-wise, and at a +190, sure.

– Will Brady throw an interception? Yes. Beyond the Philly D, it’s a good one to go with mainly because of the Hail Mary factor that might come at the end of the first half.

– Nick Foles passing yards: Over 235.5. Belichick will let Foles dink and dunk to his heart’s content.

– Alshon Jeffery will have more receiving yards than Brandin Cooks.

– Dion Lewis will have more rushing yards than Jay Ajayi.

– Patriots will score last. Sticking with my walk-off field goal belief.

– Over 1.5. Number of times Gisele will be shown on TV. They’ll blow past this if New England wins. It’s not a fun pick at -250.

And Finally … 

Super Bowl MVP? Brady is at a -110. You’re not going to do this, so my next three value picks, in order.

1. Nick Foles +325. If the Eagles win this, he’ll have to be fantastic.

2. Rob Gronkowski +900. Two touchdown catches and the game-winner? At +900, it’s a nice flier.

3. Danny Amendola +1800. Same as Gronk, but double the value.

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