NC State 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

NC State 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

2018 Recruiting

NC State 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing


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The 2018 NC State Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the relative strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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NC State Recruiting Class Overview

It’s quietly a really, really strong class.

Dave Doeren and his staff were able to go after quality over quantity on offense, landing Devin Leary out of New Jersey for his possibly quarterback in the hunt for the job next year, and getting Ricky Person – a 6-2, 205-pound workhorse back – for the running game.

There aren’t any other sure-thing starters from the offensive side, and there are just enough nice parts for the line and receiving corps to throw into the mix. Several versatile players could end up working out at receiver or defensive back – there’s a lot to play around with.

The defensive side is a different story, loaded with good defensive backs, and coming up with a ton of talent for the defensive front. Val Martin is a JUCO transfer defensive tackle who’ll get his chance in the rotation, and Alim McNeill should be a starter and key piece of the puzzle once he packs on a little more weight.

The ends are solid, too, with a few pass rushers who fit the type. But …

The NC State Class Is Heavy On …

Defensive Linemen

Is there a Bradley Chubb type of talent in the bunch? Nope, but there are a whole lot of live bodies coming in.

If McNeill isn’t the team’s top recruit, he’s not far off. Joe Babros is ready-made JUCO transfer out of California who can line up as an outside linebacker if needed, and Joseph Boletepeli is a good one for the near future – Miami, Michigan State and Georgia wanted him.

The Star of the NC State Class Is …

LB Payton Wilson, 6-4, 225

RB Ricky Person isn’t all that far off, but Wilson is the key get who might just be the team’s leading tackler a few years from now. Ohio State, Clemson, Georgia, Florida State and Auburn were just a few of the big-name programs who wanted the versatile defender who can do a little of everything.

Rush the passer, drop into coverage, come up with the big stick against the run – he’ll be a bear once he adds about 15 pounds or so.

The NC State Biggest 2018 Depth Chart Hole Is …

Defensive Linemen

Losing RB Nyheim Hines and H-Back Jaylen Samuels is a problem, and having to replace almost all of the key linebackers hurts. That’s nothing compared to what the Wolfpack have to do on the defensive front.

Chubb is finally gone to the NFL, and so is Kentavius Street on the other side and Justin Jones and B.J. Hill from the interior. In all, five of the top six leaders in tackles for loss – and seven of the top nine – have to be replaced.


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