Daily Five: Quarterback Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

Daily Five: Quarterback Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

2018 NFL Draft

Daily Five: Quarterback Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine


They might not all show up and workout, but these are the five best quarterback prospects going into the 2018 NFL Combine.

Daily Five: Quarterback Rankings Before The NFL Combine

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From the college perspective, how good are these guys? Go ahead and breakdown and analyze every throw, every quirk, and every positive and negative on all of the top prospects going into the 2018 NFL Combine. This isn’t that hard.

Just simplify it – who can play football well enough to make an impact at the next level? At least at the moment, here are your five best quarterbacks.

5. Mason Rudolph, Oklahoma State

Career Statistics: 63% for 13,618 yards and 92 touchdowns with 26 interceptions. He ran for just 28 yards, but with 17 scores.

Why Mason Rudolph Is Here On The List: There might not be the massive upside of the other top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft, but he’s also the safest pick in terms of size and skills.

The arm strength is just okay, and there’s no mobility, but he’s a prototype-sized 6-5, 230-pounder with nice touch on the ball and the accuracy to make any throw after coming up with the right read.

But can he be more than just an NFL starting quarterback?

He’s not going to make plays on the move, and no one will ever confuse him for Aaron Rodgers when it comes to bringing the fastball, but he’s an easy fit. He’s a clean passer without a whole lot of flaws to work on – but there might just be a hard ceiling on what he can become.

What The NFL Types Want To See: The arm. It’ll be fine, and the Pro Day will showcase enough to make someone in the first round want him. But will there be a WOW factor to his workouts like there will be with the other prospects?

Everything will check out perfectly in the interview process, and he’ll do everything right on the chalkboard, but the Brandon Weeden stigma might play a role. Is he another big, immobile, Oklahoma State system passer like Weeden was?

Bottom Line: Yeah, all the top quarterbacks in Indianapolis will be polarizing, but Rudolph might be right up there in terms of the overall upside.

Is there anything about his game to energize a franchise, or is he a turkey sandwich for dinner starter – sufficient, but nothing to get fired up over?

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