Daily Five: Linebacker Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

Daily Five: Linebacker Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

2018 NFL Draft

Daily Five: Linebacker Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine


They might not all show up and workout, but these are the five best linebacker prospects going into the 2018 NFL Combine.

Daily Five: Linebacker Rankings Before The NFL Combine

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From the college perspective, how good are these guys going into the 2018 NFL Combine?

It’s an interesting year for linebackers, with no real depth but a few amazing prospects who might be special. Who can play football well enough to make an impact at the next level? At least at the moment, here are your five best linebackers.

5. ILB Tegray Scales, Indiana

Career Statistics: 324 tackles, 17 sacks, 46 tackles for loss, eight interceptions.

Why Tegray Scales Is Here On The List: For some reason, many will hate that he’s not all that tall. He might barely be 6-0, but he carries his 230 pounds well and – to be blunt to all the dopey scouts out there who nitpick – it just wouldn’t matter if he was 6-2.

While he needs to be functionally stronger and nastier against the run, he’s a tackling machine who manages to get in on everything, moves well in pass coverage, and easily gets behind the line.

Super-smart on the field, he’s always in the right position and makes things happen when he gets there. Get ready for him to initially be seen as a core special teamer, and grow into a quarterback of a defense who turns into a statistical star.

What The NFL Types Want To See: Can he look physical? He’ll run well enough, and he’ll fit in as a quick prospect who does a nice job in the short drills, but when he gets a chance to pack a punch, he has to do it.

Bottom Line: He’ll drop because of his size and concerns if he really can translate all he did for the Hoosiers into a solid NFL career, and then someone will be ecstatic to get him. Some team will be really, really ticked – especially one that’ll want him as a special teamer – when he gets called.


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