Daily Five: Defensive Tackle Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

Daily Five: Defensive Tackle Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine

2018 NFL Draft

Daily Five: Defensive Tackle Rankings Going Into The 2018 NFL Combine


They might not all show up and workout, but these are the five best defensive tackle prospects going into the 2018 NFL Combine.

Daily Five: Defensive Tackle Rankings Before The NFL Combine

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From the college perspective, how good are these guys? Go ahead and breakdown and analyze every positive and negative on all of the top prospects going into the 2018 NFL Combine. This isn’t that hard.

It’s a good year for defensive tackles with at least four possible first rounders and as many as seven going into the top 50, but it’s not a class loaded with sure-thing superstars.

Who can play football well enough to make an impact at the next level? At least at the moment, here are your five best defensive tackles.

5. Taven Bryan, Florida

Career Statistics: 62 tackles, 5.5 sacks, 10.5 tackles for loss

Why Taven Bryan Is Here On The List: Fiiiiiiiine. He makes the top five on the list of top tackle prospects because he’s got all the right measurables.

The 6-4, 290-pounder is freakishly athletic, can work as a defensive end as well as on the inside, and when he’s in the open field, he can close the gap in a flash.

When he has those moments, he looks like the best player on any field, with an unblockable first step and the power to push through to make something happen. In workouts, he’s going to blow up looking and moving like a much, much smaller player.

However, he was just okay as a college football player. He’s still a project despite seeing 30 games of action, but on raw tools, he’s too intriguing to ignore.

What The NFL Types Want To See: Is he actually any good at football? Talk all you want about needing more reps, at-bats, instincts, whatever – why didn’t he dominate at the collegiate level? Again, it’s not like he’s inexperienced.

Bottom Line: One of the biggest Buyer Beware players in the back half of the first round or early in the second, he’s got all the tools and the upside to be a phenomenal value pick – if he can eventually prove he’s more than just a guy who looks great running around.

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