Daily Cavalcade: Dear NCAA, Yahoo Did You A Favor. You Won.

Daily Cavalcade: Dear NCAA, Yahoo Did You A Favor. You Won.


Daily Cavalcade: Dear NCAA, Yahoo Did You A Favor. You Won.


Now that Yahoo has exposed the seamy underbelly of college sports with its brilliant expose, the NCAA has to wake up and realize it just won the battle.

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

It didn’t turn out to be any good, so it showed up as a “Bad Loan” on the ASM spreadsheet.

“Well, I’d like to continue to work for free, Mr. Flugleman.”

Dear NCAA,

Congratulations. You did it.

The always-brilliant Pat Forde and Pete Thamel just did you a favor, NCAA, The Yahoo piece was the biggest gift you could’ve possibly received, bringing to light one of the worst kept secrets in the college sports world. And now it’s up to you to use this as the chance to eliminate a huge portion of your problems.

You don’t really want to deal with enforcement, do you? Of course not, and even if you did, it wouldn’t matter, because you don’t have the manpower to properly police everyone.

You don’t really want to pay players, do you? Of course not, because beyond all the Title IX issues, giving out revenue to players doesn’t solve the problem of talent inequity – how do you pay the superstar player compared to the guy at the end of the bench? – which means agents and boosters are still going to have their fingers in your soup.

Agents are involved. They have been for a long, long time, and they’ll continue to be as long as there are athletes generating massive sums of money.

Everyone knows this, and the best part for you is that nobody cares.

Remember SI’s bombshell article back in 2010 about agent Josh Luchs confessing how he does his job? You do, but no one else does. And why?


NCAA, do you realize what’s happening here? Do you fully get what Forde and Thamel just did for you? They wrote the trial balloon, floated it out there, and the public outcry is over the system, not that these things happened.

What was the reaction when you stripped away Louisville’s 2013 NCAA Championship? Outrage. Outrage at you for a punishment so stupid.

NCAA, this is it. This is your chance to be free. All you have to do is be on the right side of this for just a moment, and 94% of your problems … gone.

Everything you’ve demonized, everything you’ve tried to fight against, everything you’re trying to uphold just doesn’t matter in 2018.

No one cares if these guys are true love-of-the-game-and-State-U players or not. Everyone just wants to watch their big-time college sports, and it doesn’t make one lick of difference during that One Shining Moment whether or not that kid is backed by an agent.

Let the fools have their tar-tar sauce.

Let the agents and boosters give money to these players like they’ve been doing. Let the players do endorsement deals. Let them take everything you’ve fought against for lo these many years, because then, NCAA …


Don’t you get it? At some point, the players are going to figure out how to finally get a piece of the billions of dollars they’re generating, and above everything else, that’s the one thing you really do care about.

All the money you’re spending on lawyers to keep the plates spinning. All of your ridiculous posturing. All of your fighting to cling on that outdated and unnecessary notion of amateurism – gone.

So you embrace this Yahoo piece. You don’t punish the offending schools; you let it go.

You announce a new Jan Brady NCAA with a different outlook and mission for what you want to be and how college athletics should be run.

Okay, ASM – and, by the way, the hundreds of other agents who also do these things – and boosters, and Nike, and Coca-Cola, and everyone else. Go for it. YOU cut your deals with these players. YOU take care of their needs and hopes. YOU deal with all the headaches.

YOU pay them.

And on top of all of that, NCAA, everyone will like you for it.

You’ll get everything you really and truly want, you’ll have totally crushed the debate and won by six touchdowns, and yet somehow, you’ll be the good guys.

But, sadly, I know, that’s not in your DNA. You’re going to keep on battling. Keep on carrying the flag for a cause that no one wants or cares about, because you somehow think that will protect your overall interests.

First, take a time out. Click on that Breathe app on your Apple Watch, and then try to have that moment of clarity realizing, finally, something that the rest of the world might not see through all the haze.

You won.

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