Colorado 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

Colorado 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

2018 Recruiting

Colorado 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing


The 2018 Colorado Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the relative strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Colorado Recruiting Class Overview

It’s a big class, and it’s not a bad one full of solid Pac-12 talents.

The stars of the offense are at receiver, with Dylan Thomas and Daniel Arias two big targets who’ll be matchup problems. Blake Stenstrom might not be the most ballyhooed of quarterbacks, but he fits what works under Mike MacIntyre. He’s a big pro-style passer who needs a little time, but he locked into the program early.

There’s not a lot for offensive line, but running backs Deion Smith and Jarek Broussard are quick, versatile prospects to throw into the mix.

The defensive side didn’t do too much for the line, but the linebackers are deep – even if there isn’t any one standout – and …

The Colorado Class Is Heavy On …

Defensive Backs

Colorado’s secondary was fantastic in 2016. It wasn’t the reason why the Buffs won the Pac-12 South, but it was a massive part of it. Duh, you need good defensive backs in the Pac-12.

The Buffs got safeties Aaron Maddox and Ray Robinson as good-hitting prospects with a nice upside. There are more options, too, with most of them likely to see time at safety.

The Star of the Colorado Class Is …

WR Daniel Arias, 6-4, 190

Dylan Thomas isn’t all that far behind, but Arias has a bit more upside.

Smart enough to have a few Ivy League teams after his services, and talented enough to get a slew of Mountain West and Pac-12 teams interested, the Seattle native has the quickness and moves to go along with his size. Get him the ball, and he’ll make something happen.

The faster he and Thomas can go, the better, because …

The Colorado Biggest 2018 Depth Chart Hole Is …


The top three targets from last year are gone, and that doesn’t even including do-it-all back Phillip Lindsay. There might be some nice options returning, but replacing Bryce Bobo, Shay Fields and Devin Ross isn’t going to be easy.


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