Daily Five: Relatively New Coaches Who Rocked Recruiting Season

Daily Five: Relatively New Coaches Who Rocked Recruiting Season

2018 Recruiting

Daily Five: Relatively New Coaches Who Rocked Recruiting Season


It was an interesting recruiting season with so many new head coaches and some coming off an interesting first year. Here are five who not only rocked, but set the tone to do even more going forward. 

Daily Five: Coaches Who Rocked Recruiting Season

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Of course Kirby Smart crushed it at Georgia, Tom Herman came up big at Texas, and the Dabo Swinneys, Nick Sabans and James Franklins of the world did their thing. But who were the ones who either took over interesting situations after not having time to work, or did good under-the-radar jobs in their second seasons?

Here are five relatively new coaches who rocked this recruiting season, starting with two second-year guys putting their stamps on their respective programs.

5. Matt Rhule, Baylor

It hasn’t been the easiest of sells for Matt Rhule as he tries to rebuild and reshape a program coming out of a nightmare.

This isn’t like Penn State – with the big state school infrastructure in place to quickly bring in big-time recruits on a national scale. Baylor’s a small school that has to try succeeding in a state with Texas now rolling again recruiting-wise, Texas A&M getting Jimbo Fisher, and the rest of the Big 12 mining for talent.

Rhule had an okay class last year after taking the job late, but with massive depth chart holes and the loss of some key parts, it got ugly on the field. Now he has to try selling the idea that Baylor really can be good again.

This year, he signed up most of his class before the new year, reloaded the receiving corps, stocked up the offensive line, and he even landed a few of the elite talents like running back Stanley Hackett, corner Byron Hanspard and defensive end Joshua Landry.
Baylor Recruiting Class Breakdown

4. Will Muschamp, South Carolina

Not only did Will Muschamp do one of the better coaching jobs last year – starting with finding a way to get the win at NC State, and finishing by beating Michigan – but he’s getting it done on the recruiting trail, too.

All SEC schools bring in guys with lots of stars next to their names, and plenty of them receive a whole lot of fanfare. But Muschamp is both signing lots of talent while also recruiting to a type.

There’s a little more of an edge and an attitude at USC – that comes from having spurned the Georgias, Florida States and Alabamas of the world – but these recruits should be able to play, too.

This wasn’t a class of try-hard types. It was a class to potential keep the SEC East from becoming the Georgia Invitational over the next few seasons.
South Carolina Recruiting Class Breakdown


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