Baylor 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

Baylor 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing

2018 Recruiting

Baylor 2018 Recruiting Class Breakdown, Strength, Star, What's Missing


The 2018 Baylor Recruiting Class. The basic overview of the class, the relative strength, what you need to know if you don’t care about recruiting, the star, and the depth chart hole going into the season.

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Baylor Recruiting Class Overview

And there we go.

It’s obviously been a rough run for Baylor, and head coach Matt Rhule had a disastrous first season, but he came up with one of the Big 12’s better recruiting classes that should start to crank up the offense again.

The quarterback situation needs more options, and Gerry Bohanon might just work his way into the No. 2 spot behind Charlie Brewer. Led by Tyquan Thornton out of Miami, the receiving corps will be there for the near future no matter who’s throwing the ball.

Stanley Hackett leads a strong group of running backs – he’s an interesting prospect who could move around where needed – and the infrastructure is being built up with a boatload of offensive linemen, including JUCO transfer Johncarlo Valentin – a 6-5, 340-pound guard out of Brooklyn.

Houston native Joshua Landry is going to be a pass rushing terror with a little bit of time, and Byron Hanspard – the son of the former Texas Tech running back star by the same name – will likely work as a defensive back, if he’s not used as a receiver.

The Baylor Class Is Heavy On …


And throw in the tight ends, too. The Bears are bringing in a few very big, very talented safety valves, headed by 6-5, 235-pound Ben Sims out of San Antonio.

But the wideouts are the stars, starting with Tyquan Thornton, a 6-3, 160-pounder out of Miami. He could’ve been a Hurricane, and he was pushed by Florida, Georgia and Tennessee, but he might just be a No. 1 target for the offense early on. Along with Kalon Barnes and Mark Milton – two quick Texas natives – and the Bears have more playmakers.

The Star of the Baylor Class Is …

DE Joshua Landry, 6-3, 250

Okay, it’s eventually going to be Bohanon. But if it’s not Thornton or Hackett, either, it’ll be Landry, a tweener who could work as an outside linebacker or a hybrid pass rusher. Arizona, Nebraska and Texas Tech were more than just a little bit interested, and now – if all goes according to plan – will be the key part of a good puzzle of defensive linemen coming in.

The Baylor Biggest 2018 Depth Chart Hole Is …


For all of the problems of last year, the coaching staff was able to get a whole lot of young players a whole lot of experience. On the plus side, this is a team loaded with time logged in. The problem, though, is at quarterback, where Zach Smith has transferred and Anu Solomon is done.

That leaves Charlie Brewer, and this is his job, but Bohanon is a big, talented dual-threat playmaker who was wanted very, very badly by a slew of SEC schools including Georgia, Auburn, and LSU.

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