2018 MAC Football Weekly Schedule, Analysis & Ranking Top Games

2018 MAC Football Weekly Schedule, Analysis & Ranking Top Games

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2018 MAC Football Weekly Schedule, Analysis & Ranking Top Games


Breaking down and analyzing the 2018 MAC football schedule and top games, ranking the games each week.

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2018 MAC Ten Best Non-Conference Games

1. Miami at Toledo, Sept. 15
2. Utah at NIU, Sept. 8
3. Western Michigan at Michigan, Sept. 8
4. NIU at Florida State, Sept. 22
5. NIU at Iowa, Sept. 1
6. Central Michigan at Michigan State
7. Toledo at Fresno State, Sept. 29
8. NIU at BYU, Oct. 27
9. Syracuse at Western Michigan, Aug. 31
10. Ohio at Virginia, Sept. 15

2018 MAC Ten Best Conference Games

1. Toledo at Western Michigan, Oct. 25
2. Toledo at NIU, Nov. 7
3. NIU at Western Michigan, Nov. 20
4. Ohio at Western Michigan, Nov. 1
5. Ohio at NIU, Oct. 13
6. Central Michigan at Toledo, Nov. 23
7. Western Michigan at Central Michigan, Oct. 20
8. Central Michigan at NIU, Sept. 8
9. Toledo at Eastern Michigan, Oct. 13
10. Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan, Nov. 3

2018 MAC Weekly Schedule

Games each week ranked in order from most interesting to the least.

Aug. 30, Thursday

Central Connecticut State at Ball State

Aug. 31, Friday

Syracuse at Western Michigan
Monmouth at Eastern Michigan

Sep. 1, Saturday

NIU at Iowa
Central Michigan at Kentucky
Akron at Nebraska
Marshall at Miami Univ.
Bowling Green at Oregon
Kent State at Illinois
VMI at Toledo
Delaware State at Buffalo
Howard at Ohio

Sep. 8, Saturday

Western Michigan at Michigan
Utah at NIU
Cincinnati at Miami Univ. (in Cincinnati)
Kansas at Central Michigan
Maryland at Bowling Green
Eastern Michigan at Purdue
Buffalo at Temple
Ball State at Notre Dame
Howard at Kent State
Morgan State at Akron

Sep. 15, Saturday

Miami at Toledo
Central Michigan at NIU
Ohio at Virginia
Eastern Michigan at Buffalo
Miami Univ. at Minnesota
Akron at Northwestern
Ball State at Indiana
Kent State at Penn State
Eastern Kentucky at Bowling Green
Delaware State at Western Michigan

Sep. 22, Saturday

NIU at Florida State
Ohio at Cincinnati
Miami Univ. at Bowling Green
Akron at Iowa State
Buffalo at Rutgers
Eastern Michigan at San Diego State
Nevada at Toledo
WKU at Ball State
Western Michigan at Georgia State
Kent State at Ole Miss
Maine at Central Michigan

Sep. 29, Saturday

Toledo at Fresno State
Central Michigan at Michigan State
Western Michigan at Miami Univ.
NIU at Eastern Michigan
Army at Buffalo
Bowling Green at Georgia Tech
UMass at Ohio
Kent State at Ball State

Oct. 6, Saturday

Bowling Green at Toledo
Buffalo at Central Michigan
Eastern Michigan at Western Michigan
Miami Univ. at Akron
NIU at Ball State
Ohio at Kent State

Oct. 13, Saturday

Ohio at NIU
Toledo at Eastern Michigan
Western Michigan at Bowling Green
Akron at Buffalo
Ball State at Central Michigan
Kent State at Miami Univ.

Oct. 20, Saturday

Western Michigan at Central Michigan
Bowling Green at Ohio
Miami Univ. at Army
Buffalo at Toledo
Eastern Michigan at Ball State
Akron at Kent State

Oct. 25, Thursday

Toledo at Western Michigan
Ball State at Ohio

Oct. 27, Saturday

Central Michigan at Akron
Army at Eastern Michigan

Oct. 30, Tuesday

Miami Univ. at Buffalo
Kent State at Bowling Green

Oct. 31, Wednesday

Ball State at Toledo

Nov. 1, Thursday

Ohio at Western Michigan
NIU at Akron

Nov. 3, Saturday

Central Michigan at Eastern Michigan

Nov. 6, Tuesday

Kent State at Buffalo

Nov. 7, Wednesday

Toledo at NIU
Ohio at Miami Univ.

Nov. 10, Saturday

Bowling Green at Central Michigan
Akron at Eastern Michigan

Nov. 13, Tuesday

Western Michigan at Ball State

Nov. 14, Wednesday

Buffalo at Ohio
Miami Univ. at NIU

Nov. 15, Thursday

Toledo at Kent State

Nov. 17, Saturday

Bowling Green at Akron

Nov. 20, Tuesday

NIU at Western Michigan
Ball State at Miami Univ.

Nov. 23, Friday

Central Michigan at Toledo
Buffalo at Bowling Green
Akron at Ohio
Eastern Michigan at Kent State

2018 Marathon MAC Football Championship Game

East Champion vs. West Champion in Detroit


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