Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Clemson Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Clemson Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Clemson Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Stream of Consciousness Game Comments on the 2018 Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Clemson

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Clemson Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

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– Prediction & Game Preview
Sugar Bowl Final Thoughts

Sugar Bowl: Second Quarter

Alabama 10, Clemson 0

– Sorry! Late in kicking this off because I was way too busy dealing with that all-time amazing Rose Bowl. I’m all in now with the Sugar Bowl. I needed to catch my breath.
Rose Bowl Stream of Consciousness Game Comments

– Always been a big Jalen Hurts fan. That touchdown to Calvin Ridley at the end of the first quarter showed off his experience and maturity as an all-around quarterback.

– It’s way, way, way early, but this is a different Alabama team than we’ve seen this year against the better teams. This is Vanderbilt Alabama, not Texas A&M Alabama. There’s an energy, an anger, and a confidence that was totally absent at the end of the regular season.

– THIS is the Alabama we were all waiting for.

– Oooooh. Big, big problem, Travis Etienne just got rocked. He doesn’t look right.

– Kelly Bryant isn’t getting any time to work. The Alabama defensive line has cranked it up big-time.

– The Tigers are having problems, but they’re only down seven. Ask Oklahoma what happens when you don’t put a team away early.

Alabama 10, Clemson 3

– This can’t be overstressed. Alabama is POPPING. They’ve come out punishing the Tigers.

– Hurts had Calvin Ridley. Hurts has an arm, but he didn’t show it when he under threw him, allowing the ball to get batted away.

– “Make A Play” meter: 1

– For a team that struggles on third downs, Alabama has ben fantastic, converting 4-of-6 s for.

– They just put up the graphic. Bama was 2-of-15 last year against the Tigers.

– Clemson is going to keep bringing it from their defensive front on obvious passing downs. Hurts didn’t have a chance.

Alabama P JK Scott has to be rock. He’s one of the best pro players on the field, and he has to be automatic.

– He does. Perfect. He pins Clemson deep. Considering the Tigers don’t have  any sort of a running game so far, and Bryant is off, field position means everything.

– There we go, Kelly. A strong, confident throw to get Clemson out of trouble. Again, the Tigers seems to have survived the early rush.

– Minkah Fitzpatrick is so amazing. He looked like he was shot out of a cannon coming up with an open field stop on Tavien Feaster.

– “Make A Play” meter: 2

– This Alabama defense didn’t make the trip to Auburn. Clemson isn’t able to get anything going – this is suffocating.

– I wish I could be one of those people who liked sitting in gum and walking into a glass wall.

– I miss Deshaun Watson.

– The Alabama offensive line is opening ten-mile wide holes. Damien Harris up to 55 yards.

– No, no, no. That was a fantastic play by Clemson CB Trayvon Mullen to bat the ball away from Robert Foster …

– Oops. My bad. Mullen was tugging on Foster’s shoulder pad. Total interference.

– 1:04 to play, Alabama on the Clemson 20. This is such a night-and-day different game from the Rose Bowl. This has gone by in a blink with nothing really happening. That’s exactly how Alabama wants it.

– Alabama owned Clemson this half but didn’t put the game away. A missed field goal off the upright? That was as horrible as Clemson could’ve ever asked for, and it’s 10-3.

– Todd Blackledge put this best. “Clemson survived the first half.” Alabama dominated, and the door is still wide open.

First Half: Alabama 10, Clemson 3

Sugar Bowl: Third Quarter

– And there’s the break Clemson needed. The defense comes out playing with a bigger fire, Hurts loses the ball, and now the Tigers are in business.

– Clemson HAS to get points off of this turnover. It needs to show something positive.

– And then Kelly Bryant gets dropped for a loss.

– Bama’s defense does its job. Clemson might come out of this with three, but the damage is minimal.

– 42-yard field goal by Alex Spence. Clemson keeps on chipping away.

Alabama 10, Clemson 6

– Now it’s up to Hurts to make amends. The O line needs to blast away for that ground game again.

– Nope. Three and out. Field position will mean everything in this defensive slugfest. Neither offense is doing much of anything.

– The 2015 and 2016 versions of both of these teams would’ve destroyed the respective 2017 season versions.

– Clemson is allowing Kelly Bryant to open it up a bit. He has to keep taking deep shots.

– Yeah, Bryant scrambled for a first down, but Alabama will take that all night. There was no place to go with the ball.

– Ohhhhhhhhh, Kelly. NOOOOOOOO. Clemson was moving the ball, and then Anfernee Jennings blows up Bryant – who didn’t feel the pressure – and Da’Ron Payne picks it off.

– Okay, Bama. Your turn. Now, you need to somehow generate points off of this. Any points. You can’t come away empty when inside the Clemson 30.

– “Make A Play” meter: 3 & 4

– GO FOR IT. 4th and 1, the O line is causing it, just pound this, Bama …

– Or let Damien Harris fly over the top for the first down.

– Jalen Hurts connects with Ridley to get down to the two. With 6:22, and with the way the Tide D is playing, this could be over with a touchdown.

– YEAHHHHHH! Da’Ron Payne catches a touchdown pass. That was awesome.

Alabama 17, Clemson 6

– In terms of trilogies, I feel like I’m watching Godfather III. It’s good, and it has some amazing moments, but the stars from the first two aren’t there anymore.

Clemson, Louisville, Miami, Boston College, Virginia, Virginia Tech … we’re not going to be hearing much about the ACC being the best football conference during media days this year.

– Alabama scores on a pick play? Hmmmmmm, where have we seen THAT before.

– And America goes to bed. Mack Wilson pick six. Thanks for playing.

Alabama 24, Clemson 6

I’m just going to pretend Alabama beat Auburn and UCF didn’t just beat the team that beat the team that’s probably going to win the national title. It’ll make next week more fun.

– Forget it. Clemson doesn’t have any new ideas or answers. This is the Alabama team we were waiting all year for.

Sugar Bowl: Fourth Quarter

– The only way Clemson gets in this is if Alabama screws up with turnovers. Alabama doesn’t screw up with turnovers.

– Okay, so down 18, what can Clemson do? It’s not playing with any tempo, any pace, or anything. It lost. It’s playing like it lost. It’s body language is slumped. It needs just ONE big play. Something.

– At this point, Alabama, just take a knee. Don’t get anyone hurt.

– I don’t get it. Yeah, you’re getting pounded, but Clemson, why aren’t you bombing away? Why run and why the short passes? At least TRY pushing this.

– Maybe Clemson just doesn’t like dome games this season.

– Considering Nick Saban made a point over the last two years that there’s a big difference between his team with a month off and a team with a week off, even though Clemson is driving, why are his starters still in this?

– No, you don’t build anything with a late touchdown in a College Football Playoff loss.

– And Kelly Bryant air mails his final throw through the end zone.

– Alabama with 261 yards of total offense. Clemson with 188. Ugh.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama 24, Clemson 6


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