Rose Bowl: Georgia vs. Oklahoma Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

Rose Bowl: Georgia vs. Oklahoma Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

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Rose Bowl: Georgia vs. Oklahoma Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Stream of Consciousness Game Comments on the 2018 Rose Bowl: Georgia vs. Oklahoma

Rose Bowl: Georgia vs. Oklahoma Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

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– Prediction & Game Preview
Rose Bowl Final Thoughts

Rose Bowl: Pregame

Welcome to the pretentious, self-serving, and because I’m not there this year, grouchy Stream of Consciousness Game Comments for your 2018 Rose Bowl. I’ll be updating this throughout the game, so please keep checking back when you’re not taking a long, slow, deep, drooly nap.

For the record, I think Georgia is winning this. The Bulldogs are too complete, the defense too good, and the defense too rested. This is their year, this it their time, and this is their game. Always go with the better defense over the better offense, but …

I’m hoping Baker Mayfield goes off. I don’t want this sickness thing to be a factor in any way. I want to see one of the greatest college football quarterbacks of all time put up something special.

– Overrated: Baker Mayfield. Underrated: Bacon Mayfield (as Rece Davis just misquipped)

– NOW I really, really, really regret not being in Pasadena for this. It’s -936 out where I’m doing this. But it’s a dry cold.

– When the game matters, there’s no greater sight in spots than the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day.

– After listening to all the other announcers this bowl season, hearing Chris Fowler sounds like maple syrup. Now it feels like a big game.

Rose Bowl: First Quarter

Maria Taylor tried, but Kirby Smart looked and talked like he was very, very nervous. It’s only the biggest game of his life. No biggie.

– Baker Mayfield is looking like all is fine. That’s okay now, but this is a long, LONG game.

– Yeah, Jake Fromm connecting on his first throw matters. He’s going to be more than just fine.

– Don’t get cute, Georgia. Start pounding away fast. Do what you do. Get this ground game working.

– Nope. Georgia four and out. The Bulldogs have to grind out drives, and they just gave it away to Oklahoma too quickly.

– “And here comes Mellish.” Bake Mayfield rolls off his sick bed on oto the Rose Bowl field.

– Baker Mayfield is just fine. It’s early, and he has only two completions so far, but he’s looking the part. Tempo, tempo, tempo. The Sooners have the Dawg D on its heels.

– This is the nightmare start for the Georgia defense. It wanted and needed a quick stop to establish itself right away. Just a few flicks of the Heisman winner’s wrist, and OU is down to the 14.

– KABOOM. Mayfield with a PERFECT play action pass, and he throws a brilliant pass to go 4-for-4, 80 yards, and that’s it.

Oklahoma 7, Georgia 0

– Control … the … clock, Georgia. This is a marathon. The key is wearing down the Oklahoma D in the second half.

– That’s three on the “physicality” count for Kirk Herbstreit. There’s no need to work the Jesse Palmer angle quite yet.

– This is going to be so much fun. Georgia mixed it up, Nick Chubb and Sony Michel got rolling, and Fromm found Michel for a touchdown. Six plays like a hot knife through butter, and we’re off.

– If you have the under on 60, be very, very worried.

Oklahoma 7, Georgia 7

– Nope. The Georgia defense doesn’t have any answers. Oklahoma hasn’t been even close to being stopped in either of the first two drives.

– Uh oh … if Rodney Anderson can’t be stopped, Oklahoma can book tickets to Atlanta.

– Six plays. Another touchdown. That was way, way, way too easy.

– It’s early, but this feels a whole lot like watching Oregon vs. Florida State in the first ever College Football Playoff game in the Rose Bowl four years ago.

– That’s five on the “physicality” count. At least he’s not saying “make a play.”

Oklahoma 14, Georgia 7

– I’m Jim Chaney, yes I’m the real Chaney/All you other Jim Chaneys are just imitating/So won’t the real Jim Chaney, please stand up/Please stand up/Please stand up.

– It’s almost like the Georgia offense is bringing a knife to a gun fight. However, it can’t get away from what it does. As soon as teams start to panic, that’s when Oklahoma pounces.

– Ugh … Georgia can’t have empty trips. Rodrigo Blankenship is too good a kicker to miss that.

– This Oklahoma offense is doing just fine on its own, but imagine what it would be doing right now with Samaje Perine, Joe Mixon and Dede Westbrook.

– Mayfield is playing like a guy who’s been starting for three years. He’s in total and complete command.

– Well, that was fun. The best part? Mayfield looks more than fine.

First Quarter: Oklahoma 14, Georgia 7

Rose Bowl: Second Quarter

– And now the Georgia run D can’t come up with stops. Oklahoma’s O line is KILLING the Bulldog defensive front.

– Rodney Anderson: eight carries, 107 yards, two touchdowns. Ohhhhhh, nooooo.

– This is only the third time all year Georgia has allowed 20 points or more. And the second quarter is just starting.

Oklahoma 21, Georgia 7

– Nice way of bringing in Duck Enberg to the mix. For people of a certain age, his voice was the background to a whole lot of amazing moments, and …

– Sony Michel just rips off a 75-yard touchdown. Oklahoma has been unstoppable, it’s doing everything right, and everything is going better than anyone could’ve dreamed of … and it’s only up seven.

Oklahoma 21, Georgia 14

– There’s NO pass rush on Mayfield. You can’t give this guy 19 days to throw.

– NO, Kirk. I love you. You’re my favorite. You know that. Don’t go “make a play” on us.

– This is amazing. Georgia can’t get a stop, much less get off the field.

– Oh no … Rodney Anderson is down. It looks like he got the win knocked out of him, but there are a whole lot of trainers around.

– Capital One, no one in any library, or in any walk of life, is shushing Jennifer Garner. Especially when she’s tan.

– This was when Georgia was supposed to come up with a stop. It was third down, there were more than five minutes to rest, and Mayfield skipped to a first down.

– There’s someone out there who should feel absolutely ridiculous right now for not voting for Mayfield for the Heisman.

– The only thing stopping this Oklahoma offense at the moment is when it screws up. Georgia’s defense might as well not even be on the field.

– There’s … no … pass rush. Mayfield is getting ….

– FINALLY. The Georgia secondary clamps down, and the Dawgs finally generate a little pressure, with Tyler Clark coming up with a big third down sack.

– Georgia misses its field goal try, Oklahoma hits its attempt.

Oklahoma 24, Georgia 14

– It’s not like Oklahoma is stopping Georgia. Relax, Bulldogs. Keep on doing what you do, and keep this in range. This is a long, long, long game. Don’t let it get out of hand, and stay within range.

– Jake Fromm looks like a guy who has had a really, really nice life so far.

– Fromm missed his last two throws. Those are passes he’ll make in his sleep as a junior – or Mayfield makes with look easy.

– The Georgia kicking game really, really isn’t helping the cause. With the way this is going, Georgia has to be perfect in all areas, and it’s not.

– Out of the five highlights and clips in the Goodyear ad, I counted at least seven sure-thing concussions.

– If Oklahoma scores a TD here, and holds Georgia, there’s a chance the Sooners will be up 38-14 by the time the Dawgs get the ball in the second half.

– 3rd and 12 … Georgia, prove you can come up with two big defensive plays in a row.

– It does, but … don’t you go for it, OU? Georgia … can’t … stop you. You’re at midfield. Why not give it a shot on 4th and 3?

– This is Oklahoma’s day. Austin Seibert caught a break putting his punt at the one. He’s a difference maker – again, he hit his field goal, and Georgia didn’t. But all it takes is one hole for Michel or Chubb, and …

– Yup. Once again, OU’s linebackers whiff, and there goes Chubb for a 45-yard dash.

– Georgia, take the air out of the ball, no matter what. There are over four minutes left in the half, but it’s sticking with its normal gameplan. Miss on this 3rd and 17, and Mayfield gets the ball back with plenty of time left.

– Yeah, Georgia got out of its own end zone, but the drive still stalled.

– Georgia’s D is getting destroyed by the Sooner blocking scheme. Orlando Brown springs Trey Sermon, and he rolls for 32 yards. The Oklahoma coaching staff is pitching a gem.

– There are so many weapons and playmakers for Mayfield to work with.  Hollywood Brown blew past the Georgia defense like it was standing still.

– Yeah, that whole Mayfield was sick thing … not a problem.

– This is perfect. Mayfield will get three shots at the end zone in the final minute, and then he gets the ball to start the second half.

– Brilliant job by Kirby Smart with those timeouts. They seemed to calm his defense down.

– Not to be too dramatic, but this is the ballgame. Third and goal, 11 second to play …

– A-MAZ-ING. Take that, Kirby Smart. Baker Mayfield with a touchdown catch … ball game?

Oklahoma 31, Georgia 14

– Finally, a break for Georgia. A bad squib kick at least gives Georgia a little bit of a shot. One throw, and now Rodrigo Blankenship gets to try a 55-yarder.

– With the way this half is going, Oklahoma will block this and take it for a score.

– WOWWWWWW. No rush from Oklahoma, Blankenship hits a BOMB. As bad as things went for Georgia this half, it’s only down 14.

Well done. THAT’S how you answer the question, Kirby Smart. “Poor performance on our part as coaches.” Yes, yes, yes. Never blame the players – this is on the millionaire coaches when things go wrong.

First Half: Oklahoma 31, Georgia 17

Rose Bowl: Second Half

Oklahoma just a weeee bit slower on its first few plays. The Georgia D forces a third and long.

– That’s what the Georgia D needs to do – keep everything in front of it. It’ll let Mayfield hit his throws, and then pop. Huge, huge, HUGE stop to get off the field.

– Mecole Hardman with one of the most fun punt returns that didn’t go for a touchdown that you’ll ever see.

– Game on, ladies and gentlemen. Nick Chubb with a 50-yard brutish touchdown run change the game around. Now, after everything that happened so far, the Dawgs down just one score.

– It helped that Oklahoma couldn’t tackle. The energy has totally and completely shifted.

Oklahoma 31, Georgia 24

– Totally different game now. Mayfield is trying to ramp up the energy against for Oklahoma, but the Dawgs are flying around.

– Welcome to the 2018 Rose Bowl, Georgia pass rush.

– The 62.5 point under has about as much of a chance as my lower-carb New Year’s Resolution has of lasting the next 17 seconds.

– Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops: “Do a better job of tackling.”

Oklahoma defense: “Uhhhhhhh, okay.”

– Go for it, Georgia. It’s 4th and 1, it’s at the Georgia 39. You HAVE to be able to get one yard with this running game any time you want.

– Ugh … they’re punting. With the way the Oklahoma offense works, it can score quickly from anywhere. field position just doesn’t matter all that much …

– And then Cameron Nizialek puts a punt on the one. That’s why Kirby Smart has a lot more money than I do.

– Oklahoma a little slower, a little more deliberate. The Georgia defense seems to be a half-step faster. This is all about tempo for the Sooners. and it’s not there.

– That was the exact call Georgia wanted, and Rodney Anderson made it happen anyway with a slippery run for a first down. This could turn into a demoralizing drive if the Sooners get points off of this.

– But the secondary is clamping down. The plays are talking a little longer do develop, and the Dawgs are getting to Mayfield.

– It’s as if the Georgia defensive line has seen the fastball, and now it’s timing it a whole lot better. OU is totally out of its groove.

– Both defenses are settling in a bit. The offenses are now being more normal. This can’t be stressed enough – this is a long, long game.

– That’s borderline unfair to have two NFL starting running backs, not to mention D’Andre Swift. Now, Michel has six carries for 142 yards and two scores with a touchdown catch, and Chubb has 138 yards and a touchdown. Georgia averaging 15.6 yards per carry – that’s pretty good.

– I spent a solid 20 minutes just hanging out in the Vince Young corner of the Rose Bowl end zone last time I was there. I’m still totally and completely geeked out by these stadiums and the sports history made there. And now Michel has added to it.

Third Quarter: Oklahoma 31, Georgia 31

Rose Bowl: Fourth Quarter

– Ohhhhhh, Baker … NOOOOOOOOOO. Totally sloppy, he air-mailed a pass to Mark Andrews right into the arms of Dominick Sanders, and Fromm makes OU pay with a touchdown pass to Javon Wims. Georgia now in total and complete control.

– Reading too much into this, but Mayfield looks gassed. That whole flu thing might just be catching up to him at this point.

Georgia 38, Oklahoma 31

– This is now on the Oklahoma offensive line. It has to blast away and get Rodney Anderson going – Mayfield looks like he’s ready for a nap.

– These look like two completely different teams from the first half. Georgia being far, far more aggressive. Oklahoma didn’t put the Dawgs away when they had the chance, and now they can’t find anything that consistently works.

– Wait, so in this Northwestern Mutual ad, the kid throws a fit because “Dad” wouldn’t drive her do Jessica’s house, and so “Dad” builds the kid a pool? That’s fantastic.

– Georgia, don’t get crazy. Keep cranking up the ground game, keep grinding the clock. Let your NFL backs take this home.

– Fromm is the coolest guy in the building. And then he gets lit up by the Sooner blitz and gets nailed for intentional grounding.

– “Make a play” count now up to five.

– Let’s flip this around. Sort of like Oklahoma couldn’t put Georgia away, after all the problems in this disaster of a second half, the Sooners are only down seven.

– There we go, Oklahoma. Mayfield connects on a big through to CeeDee Lamb, he takes off on a nice run, and boom … now the Sooners have their groove back.

– its as if Mayfield is willing his energy back. He directs traffic, moves around, and touchdown to Dmitri Flowers to tie this thing up.

– Brilliant, brilliant drive. Now it’s up to Georgia to take control right back. This is where the Bulldog offensive line has to take control.

– ACKKKKKKKKKK, “Make A Play” count now up to five.

Georgia 38, Oklahoma 38

– This really, really doesn’t suck. A second amazing Rose Bowl in a row.

– 10,347 steps away from hitting my New Year’s daily goal of 11,000. With Sugar Bowl happening in 15 minutes, there’s a problem.

– OOOOOHHHHHHHHH, Sony Michel. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO. The Sooner Scoop ‘n’ Score from Stephen Parker. Official was right there – he stays in bounds, goes 46 yards, and unbelievably, the Sooners take the lead back on a defensive play.

Oklahoma 45, Georgia 38

– “Make A Play” count up to six and seven.

– This is SO going to overtime.

– By about 1,843 miles … Best College Football Playoff semifinal yet.

– The Sooner defense stepped up again. It’s right there for you, Baker. 5:24 to play, you’re up seven. You might be one drive away from going to the national championship.

– “Make A Play” count up to eight.

– 4:45 … 4:44 … 4:43 … tick tick tick tick tick

– No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO. A pitch to go wide on the Georgia D that’s bringing the heat? On third down? Nope.

– Georgia will get the ball back with just over three minutes to play. Alright, Jake Fromm. You’re up.

– Just past the three minute mark. This has to be BRUTAL for the fans of both teams.

– Fromm delivers with the blitz in his face … first down. 2:45 left.

– MAGICAL play from Fromm. He avoid a sack when he was absolutely nailed, kept his head up, and found Michel to get to the 24. Under two to play.

– Oklahoma defense forcing Fromm to win this. The running room isn’t going to be there for the backs.

– 1:06 to play. 3rd and 10 nom the 24. The Bulldogs need SOMETHING positive here.

– Fromm to Terry Godwin. First down, on the seven.

– Javon Wims tackled in the end zone. Pass interference, Georgia 1st and goal on the two. One minute exactly.

– Wild Dawg … Chubb takes the snap, touchdown.

– Kirk is dead right. “Did they score too fast?”

Oklahoma 45, Georgia 45

– With this Rose Bowl, no more complaining about the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton or the Dollar General now.

55 seconds to play. Mayfield on his own 20. Game tied. Hell yeah.

– Ehhhhhhhh, Rodney Anderson for a run? 29 seconds to play, and now Mayfield has to push the ball to get into field goal range.

– Oklahoma with the ball on its own 48. Georgia could get the ball back with a stop.

– OOOOOOOH. Mayfield had Anderson, and missed him. 24 seconds left.

– No deep man for Georgia. 17 seconds to play on its own 25.

Rose Bowl: Overtime

– This the second-best Rose Bowl ever? It’s not for the national title like the 2005 Texas-USC classic, but going to overtime puts it into a whole other category.

– ESPN, STALL … THE … SUGAR. It’s okay, we’ll all wait, but no one is going to turn over to ESPN2 to watch that yet.

– This going to be all-timer devastating for the loser. I’m good with at least five overtimes.

– Georgia gets it first. Oklahoma crowding the line with eight in the box. Fromm is being dared to win this.

– I have no dog in the fight, and I’m actually shaking a bit this is so good. Or, maybe because it’s -42 outside.

– CONSERVATIVE. 3rd and 6. Don’t convert this, and the Rose Bowl could go down with a whimper …

– OHHHHHHHH, Isaac Nauta had it. Fromm was a little off with his throw, but it was there. Field goal.

– Rodrigo Blankenshiiiiiiiiip … good. Good. I’d hate for this to end because a kid misses a field goal in the first possession.

– Oklahoma, this is why you have Baker Mayfield. Go ahead and pound with Anderson, but your star has to win this.

– 3rd and 2. Don’t try anything crazy, Oklahoma. Give it to Anderson. Let him do this.

– WOWWWWWWW. ROQUAN F-ING SMITH. Field goal. Seibert will nail this 33-yarder.

– Come on, Seibert. Nail this.

– Boom. No problem. Phew!

Georgia 48, Oklahoma 48

– By the way, the Sugar Bowl has allegedly started. Four minutes in, 0-0. At the immediate moment, I couldn’t possibly care any less.

– Why is Oklahoma taking the ball out of Baker’s hands? He wasn’t being asked to make a …

– I almost went there.

– 3rd and 5. Oklahoma is having third down issues. Let the Heisman winner throw. Again.

– OHHHHHHHHHH, Mayfield picked off, but Georgia offsides for an Oklahoma first down. Baker could take that chance to throw on a free play.

– That option play isn’t working in the second half. Kyler Murray didn’t have any room to move.

– ROQUAN F-ING SMITH. Again. He was a guided missile to come up with a brilliant stop to force 3rd and 12.


– Nope. Georgia allowed the underneath crossing route, and then swarmed. Seibert again, this time from 27 yards out …

– BLOCK!!! Lorenzo Carter.

– Georgia, just hand it off. But don’t get …

– Tackled behind the line. D’Andre Swift dropped for a loss of two.

– SONY MICHEL Rose Bowl.

– So, so, so brutally heartbroken for Mayfield. That shot of him on the sidelines is devastating.

– See. I told you Georgia would win and cover … YEEEEEEESH.

– That … was … amazing. 

– Sony Michel: ten carries, 154 yards, two touchdowns, and four catches for 41 yards and a score.

Nick Chubb, 14 carries for 145 yards and two scores.

Rodney Anderson: 26 carries for 201 yards and two scores.

Baker Mayfield: 23-of-35, 287 yards, two touchdowns and a pick.

Georgia 54, Oklahoma 48, 2OT


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