Kevin Sumlin The New Arizona Head Coach: What Does It All Mean?

Kevin Sumlin The New Arizona Head Coach: What Does It All Mean?


Kevin Sumlin The New Arizona Head Coach: What Does It All Mean?


Arizona Names Kevin Sumlin The New Head Coach

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This should be the right fit.

It’s not that Kevin Sumlin was bad at Texas A&M, but he wasn’t good at Texas A&M once it moved to the SEC.

It would’ve been interesting to have seen what Sumlin could’ve done with his offensive style in the Big 12. Had the Aggies stayed put, and had there still been a Big 12 South, A&M would’ve been a major player just as the division was starting to struggle a bit. The rise of Johnny Manziel and all the Aggie attack could do wouldn’t have hurt.

But with three straight 8-5 seasons – and a possible fourth had he still been around for the Belk Bowl – it wasn’t enough for a place willing to give away the GDP of a small country to Jimbo Fisher to take over.

There was an Alabama problem, and LSU and Auburn issues, but more than that, it just didn’t seem like anything was going to change. There wasn’t any indication that A&M was going to go from being a perennial also-ran to an SEC champion any time soon.

But now he’s in the Pac-12 South. Now he’s in a division and a conference with Chip Kelly, and Oregon’s attack, and Washington State, and USC, and all of the offenses that like to play a wide open style and aren’t afraid to get into shootouts.

And there’s no more Alabama, LSU, or Auburn.

He’s going to need to come up with a defense. That was always the unfixable problem in College Station no matter what he tried, and the offense wasn’t always explosive enough to overcome the issues on the other side.

He’s also going to have to get past the Never Won Anything issue.

Houston might have come up with a few Conference USA division titles, but his 2011 team should’ve won the league championship and didn’t get there, and he didn’t come closer than fourth in the SEC West after that one amazing first season with Mr. Manziel at the helm.

But all of the reviews are positive, you’ve not going to hear a bad word about him, and he’s going to be solid with the media.

He’ll be able to hold his own in a state with master motivator and press conference god Herm Edwards coaching at That Team Up North, and he’s certainly not going to be fazed by having to deal with any of the other coaches in the league.

The guy just spend the last six years dealing with that Saban guy.

It’s a big name-hire for the Wildcats, it’s a make-sense hire, and it’s a nationally-relevant hire.

It would’ve been fun to have seen what Arizona could’ve done if Ken Niumatalolo wanted to leave Navy, but Sumlin’s a strong get.


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