Daily Cavalcade: Mike Locksley The Alabama Offensive Coordinator. Now Win It All Again.

Daily Cavalcade: Mike Locksley The Alabama Offensive Coordinator. Now Win It All Again.


Daily Cavalcade: Mike Locksley The Alabama Offensive Coordinator. Now Win It All Again.


Nick Saban promoted from within making Mike Locksley the offensive coordinator. Great … now win another national title.

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault …

I won three games as a head coach and all I got was this lousy offensive coordinator job.

Those who can’t, teach, and those who have issues as a head coach become the Alabama offensive coordinator.

Brian Daboll decided that being an NFL offensive coordinator was going to be more fun than being yelled at by Nick Saban, but the Crimson Tide offense should go on without a problem with the promotion of Mike Locksley as the offensive coordinator.

It’s the right move – especially considering Florida State wanted him – and there should be a good continuity to what the Tide like to do. And the best part for Saban is that if this works, there’s little chance this becomes a stepping-stone to a head coaching gig for his OC.

Locksley might be in the right job for a while. Finally, the revolving door of a job might be settled for more than ten minutes.

Lane Kiffin had a few coaching issues of his own before taking on the Alabama offensive coordinator job, and Steve Sarkisian had his problems before joining the fun. But that’s nothing compared to Locksley’s era at New Mexico.

The program went from good to 2-26 in the two-plus years from 2009 to 2011 under Locksley. Start from there, and continue to check the boxes.

There was a controversy with a secretary who claimed she was allegedly told she was too old for the job. That went away, but this all went down right about the same time as Locksley got suspended for punching an assistant in the face. Throw in another murky issue involving Locksley’s car being driven by a minor who got pulled over for a DWI and … he was 2-26.

Add in his time as an interim head man at Maryland, and his career record? 3-31.

But Locksley has been through far worse. Forget the New Mexico issues; he suffered the horror of losing his son just before the 2017 season started.

After dealing with personal and professional adversity at a massive magnitude, you think he’ll have a problem with the pressure of being Saban’s main offensive coordinator? Whatever.

Locksley’s a peerless recruiter – the guy got five-star talents to Illinois under Ron Zook – a master motivator, and above all else, a really, really smart and talented offensive mind.

He immediately locked into the Maryland offensive coordinator job after the New Mexico problems, was hired on as an assistant at Alabama two years ago, and now he’s the main man running the loaded offense.

He’s got the best backfield in college football to work with, another great O line, amazing receivers, and he’s already dealt with the Saban stare for a year. And now, he has to get used to the pressure of being in a slight bit of a no-win situation.

Win the national title, and Nick Saban throws another one on the pile and is praised for being the greatest head coach of all-time. Don’t win the national title – or if the offense sputters and struggles in any way – and it’s all on the offensive coordinator.

Just ask Kiffin and Sarkisian what that’s like.

Josh Gattis will come over from Penn State to handle the receivers, Locksley will help bring in more talent, and the Crimson Tide attack will keep on rolling.

Now win another national championship.


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