Alabama vs. Georgia: CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments

Alabama vs. Georgia: CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Alabama vs. Georgia: CFP National Championship Stream Of Consciousness Game Comments


Stream of Consciousness Game Comments on the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship: Alabama vs. Georgia

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– Prediction & Game Preview

One quick post-game note. In the picture above, I think that hand on the right with the phone with the wire attached to it is me. If it’s not, I’m just on the outside of that frame. Anyway, I tried doing this whole piece on my phone while trying to watch it all. 

College Football Playoff National Championship: Pregame

It’s the game clamored for by dozens, but the two teams are even, the talent is undeniable, and in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, the atmosphere should be as raucous as any of the four College Football Playoff National Championships.

I’m doing pregame and halftime stuff in the stadium, so I’ll be trying to write this on my phone on the field as the game is going on – please forgive any typos or massive whiffs on the fly.

I feel like I’m among Georgia and Alabama royalty here. If you’re in this building, you paid a fortune for the experience. This is one decked out fan base.

Either you’re really rich, or some slobby media type like me. There is no in between here.

There’s a generational thing happening for Georgia. The fans here aren’t taking any sort of attitude that this is the beginning of something big; this is FINALLY a shot at the national title.

And watch Alabama feed off the energy of just that.

This is a very, VERY late arriving crowd. It’s not only raining, but the Trump arrival and massive secret security presence has slowed down the entry process to a dead stop.

58 minutes until gametime, and it’s still way over 90 minutes to get in. But Trump is in the building.

HOLY CRAP is the Georgia crowd loud. This is at least 75% Georgia.

Scott Frost right in front of me, with Nebraska gear rolling. He looks like the coolest college kid in the room.

The Georgia band, cheerleaders and pep squad college kid types walking to their spot getting heckled by grown Alabama men who probably paid at least 5k for their seats. Fantastic.

By far, best atmosphere yet of the four CFP National Championships. The Georgia fans are insane in pregame.

Weirdest … cheering … EVER when Trump came out. Part nervous excitement, part pure hatred, part rock star worship. Mostly the latter from the group behind me.

College Football Playoff National Championship: 1st Quarter

And there’s the Alabama defense. The signature play of the game might have just happened on the first drive.

THAT was one hell of a throw by Jake Fromm, and one amazing play by Tony Brown. The Bama D, ladies and gentlemen.

I just want a good game, and I really don’t care, but went total superfan meatball on that pick. It was coming right at me.

Unbelievable emotion. One side of this place goes still-quiet, the other far end explodes.

Loudest CFP stadium so far by a mile.

First score field goal prop bet was the EASIEST money to be made tonight … if you dabble. And …

He misses. You can’t give away points, Alabama.

Thats it, Georgia. Short, quick passes. Fromm can handle this.

The men at this thing have outkicked the coverage on their wives/girlfriends at this thing at an all-timer level.

NOOOO, Jake. You can’t force it. Georgia not even pretending to run.

Georgia knows Alabama knows Georgia isn’t running, and Alabama knows Georgia isn’t running.

Bo Scarbrough is massive.

This Georgia D is SO fast. Alabama needs to go power, power, power. Running Hurts wide won’t work.

Yeah, Georgia for a first down running the ball, but Bama closed SO fast. This isn’t the Oklahoma defense.

Sony Michel is the better rushing option. He’s hitting the hole a lot faster than Chubb.

Jake Fromm isn’t Kelly Bryant.

No, no, NO, Georgia. You’re not allowed to try quirky. ANYTHING slow developed will get destroyed …

3rd and 20 and Michel runs for a first down?! This isn’t the Sugar Bowl Bama D – yet.

2018 College Foorball Playoff National Championship … you are who we thought you were.

Alabama 0, Georgia 0

College Football Playoff National Championship: 2nd Quarter

3rd and 11 and you run?! Come on, Georgia. Let’s do this.

Bama misses its kick, Georgia nails its kick. Can’t give away points …

And yup. First points field goal, EASY prop bet winner … if you dabble.

Georgia 3, Alabama 0

Could’ve done without the bomb-sounding thing after the score. Quietest this building has been after it went off.

On the kickoff …

“That’s right, Jacobs. You take a knee you fa****.” – Georgia fan in first end zone row. That’s wonderful.

Jalen Hurts is having a bad game.

WOW, JK Scott is a weapon. From field level, there’s a special blast on his kicks.

Alabama’s linebackers are whiffing. There’s no way Fromm should weave his way through this D.

UCF would be up 14 right now.

Ohio State would be up 21.

I’m joking.

Sort of.

Fromm is still the coolest guy in the room. Just like he was in Pasadena.

Georgia has a passing game so far, and Alabama doesn’t.

You didn’t kill the beast, Georgia. Fromm turtled in the red zone, didn’t get a TD. Field goals aren’t going to do it.

Georgia 6, Alabama 0

Jalen Hurts HAS to get rid of the ball quicker.

Scott … that’s an NFL weapon of a punter.

Georgia just wants to get out of this up six. Deep in its own territory, and …

Fromm. He’s getting time, and he bailed the offense out. Third downs are KILLING Bama, on both sides.

And then he wormburns a third down pass. For all the good he’s doing, he’s only 9-of-19.

Alabama can’t stop Michel. He’s the most effective player on the field.

AMAZING two minute drive by Georgia. This might be a killer. Alabama’s O has shown nothing to prove it can actually score.

1st and goal at the one. 21 seconds remain. Put … them … away, Dawgs.

Chubb just isn’t effective. At all.

NO, NO, NO. Run it. Pass interference doesn’t matter here with 12 seconds left.

BOOM. Touchdown Dawgs. Brilliant call, 13-0, uh-oh.

Really, Alabama? This is it? THIS is your game plan?

Remember, these national championships are LONG. Remember, last year Clemson looked like it has absolutely no shot.

Georgia 13, Alabama 0

College Football Playoff National Championship: 3rd Quarter

Oh, GREAT. Now I have to figure out how to spell Tua Tagovailoa.

This is the Case of Emergency, Break Glass moment. This means Alabama’s ideas and gameplan really, really, really didn’t work.

Nick Saban doesn’t do things to provide a spark.

Nope. Three and out.

OOOOOOHHHH. Blocked kick?! This is …

Offsides, Bama is still alive …

Georgia has it. It has the energy. Either the Alabama defense has something special to come up with to slow this down, or it’s so over. It’s asking for too much for Tagovailoa to pull this off.

FACE MASK! How did they miss this?!

And there’s your break, Bama.

One touchdown drive. One. Do that, and this game flips fast.

OHHHHHHHH. Finally, a downfield throw, and Tagovailoa JUST missed Calvin Ridley. At least it’s a deep shot.

Bama has some juice now …

Holy Tua … boom. There’s an offense now. That  was – maybe – the National Championship play as Tagovailoa turned into a pinball.

Ladies and gentlemen, Tua f-ing Tagovailoa. And there’s your touchdown, and there’s your momentum changer.

Georgia. Do NOT go three and out.

Georgia 13, Alabama 7

Wow, did this stadium just flip on one play.

It was a morgue on the Georgia end, and then Mecole Hardman somehow got behind the Bama D for …

It’ll be called back …

WHAT?! He stepped out! But brilliant throw by Fromm, brilliant play by Hardman. And …

It’s a touchdown?! It stands?! Uhhh … okay.

First to 20 wins this.

Georgia 20, Alabama 7

Can already hear the whining …

“If we just stared Tua … “

Jalen Hurts doesn’t throw that pick. End this now, Georgia.

Georgia sideline warnings want Bama.

Tagovailoa has doubled Hurts’ intercepion production on the year.

The Alabama O makes a mess. The Alabama D cleans it up. One play, one pick. Game back on.

There’s still a spark. Tagovailoa is at least stretching the field.

Okay, it’s not quite a razor sharp passing game, but the Tide are still alive. They got three out of the turnover.

Georgia 20, Alabama 10

Really, Bama? Unsportsmanlike penalty? Who ARE you?

3rd and 5. This is it. This is when you’re supposed to be the Bama D …

But Fromm gets time and delivers. The Georgia receivers are beating the Alabama receivers. They’re making plays.

Bama for a HUGE break. Good job of eating the flag, but I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to push the quarterback in the head.

Bama just hanging around … hanging around …

Here’s the key … Tagovailoa and the Tide still can’t convert third downs.

College Football Playoff National Championship: 4th Quarter

Now it’s up to the Georgia O line to take over. Now it’s time for the running game to work.

Sony Michel is the best player on the field.

3rd and four … Georgia is giving itself manageable third down chances …

But it doesn’t matter if Bama gets the sack.

11:39 to go and Bama with the ball on the 17. There aren’t going to be a lot of possessions left.

And now it’s the Bama O line’s turn. Finally, the ground game gets loose.

This is the drive Alabama has been waiting all year for. Najee Harris and Tua Tagovailoa. Your stars for the 2018 No. 1 Crimson Tide.

3rd and 8 in the 12. Considering the starting field position, and field goal would be nice, but …

I’m with you, Georgia fans booing Sweet Home Alabama. But for different reasons.

Noooooo, doesn’t have it. That’s not a pick. Didn’t maintain possession.

One score game … but not getting a touchdown there hurts.

Georgia 20, Alabama 13

Under players going insane right now.

I’m standing just behind the Georgia end zone. This fan base is one big play from absolutely erupting.

Starting on the 14 isn’t going to do that.

And now the Alabama defense seems to realize it’s Alabama defense time.

Ugh. Stuffed on 3rd and two. Three and out.

Alright, Bama. Ball on your own 34, 7:10 left. Down seven. This is fun.

77,430 is the attendance. They could’ve sold 100,000 more tickets to this.

How do I know it’s nervous time? My Georgia friends have stopped texting me.

Aaron Murray walking by yelling, “let’s rock and roll” doesn’t seem to be working.

To all the Georgia fans behind me. Yeah it’s uncatchable if the receiver is tackled.

Whatever happens, Tagovailoa has been magical.

5:24 left. Ball on the 13.

You go for it? Four minutes left down seven? 4th and four from the seven? Yeah, because you’re going to need a touchdown no mattter what.

There are at least a dozen Georgia fans around me praying.

And we are tied.

Alabama 20, Georgia 20

College Football Playoff National Championships certainly don’t suck.

Georgia 3rd and 3, on its own 28. And …

Bama ball with a chance to win the national title.

Watch … Bama going ULTRA conservative. NO CHANCE at a risky throw.

The world is on the line, and Najee Harris is running it.

My God … Bama is going to pull this off.

56 seconds to go. Bama with the ball in the 20.

49 seconds. Georgia needs a miracle.

Don’t you let Bama score a TD here to get the ball back?

This is so brutal being in the Georgia end. They’re so, so crushed.

Alabama, National cha …


Grown men are hugging all around me.

Now, Bama has a chance to cover.


I picked the right end zone to stand in. Hell yeah.

And out of field goal range?! Jake NOOOOOO.

But Rodrigo hits it.

Georgia 23, Alabama 20

The national title winning play came right at me. Coolest in-person sports moment of my life.

Alabama 26, Georgia 20

Okay, I’m back after dealing with all the craziness – I spent the overtime trying to take it all in. I think I’m probably in the shot of the game-winning score, and then the world went batspit crazy.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of it all quite yet. On the field, you miss a whole lot – and now I can’t wait to watch the replay, take a step back, and enjoy one of the greatest games ever.

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