College Football Playoff National Championship Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

College Football Playoff National Championship Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


College Football Playoff National Championship Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


And now we’re here. It’s the College Football Playoff National Championship between Georgia and Alabama. Check out the final thoughts and investment advice. 

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Alabama vs. Georgia: College Football Playoff National Championship

It’s the national championship of college football. Start from there, and then nothing else makes much of a difference. You’re going to watch. Oh yes, you’re going to watch.

This is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

It’s going to be a Georgia home game. If that matters to you, or if it makes a difference that the 70,000+ stadium is going to be packed to the top with with Dawg lovers, then you’re going to like that Georgia is an underdog.

Supposedly, the big boys are going big on Georgia, but Johnny Lunchpail is cranking it up for the Alabama side, pushing it up to Tide -4.5. If you even like Georgia a little bit, that’s a lot to get in what should be a low-scoring game.

The buzz I’m getting from being around here in Atlanta? Besides the cold sort of tampering things down a bit, I’m not getting anyone from the media who likes Georgia all that much.

There’s an Alabama weariness happening – this is one boring team to cover – but that defensive performance against Clemson left everyone shellshocked. That was the scary-good Tide team that seems to have found a serious attitude.

I’m also sensing a college football weariness thing going on. The media here either went to Pasadena or New Orleans, and in general, this group is sort of gassed. Not me – I’m fired up to be at this thing tomorrow, but I’m a geek for this stuff.

How can I tell there’s a lack of national buzz? I’m booked for just three radio appearances tomorrow, and just one on Tuesday. Usually, I’m jammed wall-to-wall on national title day.

That will change in a hurry if this is a classic. I’m asking for a repeat of the last two title games. No biggie.

With the lines taken from the Westgate in Las Vegas, here we go …

Will the first score of the game be anything other than a touchdown? With these two defenses? A +200 on the NO isn’t bad. There should be a whole bunch of field goals.

Longest completion by Jalen Hurts: 39.5 yards. Alabama is at least going to give it a few shots. Even a checkdown to a back could go big – I sort of dig the over on that.

Will Calvin Ridley score a touchdown? YES is at a +140 – that’s not bad considering Hurts will find ways to get him the ball. Just a sneaky suspicion – again, look out for the Tide to crank in up deep a few times.

Whatever you want to set the line at for yards by Georgia running backs, I’d roll the under. Jake Fromm will be the MVP is the Dawgs win this game.

Remember, it’s not like Clemson ran the ball well in the last two national championships. Wayne Gallman wasn’t a non-factor, but the Tigers were stuffed for 91 rushing yards last year and 145 two seasons ago. Nick Chubb is at 72.5 yards, Sony Michel is at 60.5 – again, even if you like Georgia, the under is the safe play.

Here’s the thing on the team total points. If you have a conviction one way or another, then take the under on points on the team you have losing. These two defenses just don’t allow 20 points, and when they do, there’s a big problem. Alabama is set at -24.5, and Georgia at -20.5.

Jake Fromm is at 40-1 at scoring the first touchdown. He only has three rushing scores on the year, but considering how the Tide D will be keyed on the two backs, this is a decent long shot. The odds are the same for no touchdowns being scored in the game at all – that’s not happening.

+800 on whether or not there will be a safety: Yeah, yes, and YES. With these to punters, and considering how good Bama’s JK Scott is at pinning teams deep, this is a fun shot for the stars.

Again with the field goals … Alabama and Georgia are each getting 3-1 odds that one of them will hit the first field goal. Cool.

In terms of value, Jalen Hurts at 9-1 as the player with the most rushing yards is a solid deal.

And Finally … So here it is. Time to to make put ’em on the glass.

I’m trying to pick Georgia, but I can’t do it.

I was mad last season when I didn’t pick Clemson, mainly because I feel like I missed the party – SO many people around Tampa were screaming Clemson to win. But if I had to rely on the Alabama defense to come up with one final stop to win a national title, I’d make that pick over and over again.

It would be a great thing for college football if the Dawgs win, and Atlanta will be a blast if it happens, but the call stands.

Alabama -4, under on the 45.5.

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