The College Football Playoff Matchups Are AWESOME, But ... My Sport Blew It

The College Football Playoff Matchups Are AWESOME, But ... My Sport Blew It


The College Football Playoff Matchups Are AWESOME, But ... My Sport Blew It


The College Football Playoff committee put in Alabama over Ohio State – and it blew it.

CFP Early Matchup Look

My sport blew it.

My sport blew it last year when it put Ohio State into the College Football Playoff over a Penn State team that won the head-to-head matchup, and didn’t win its division, much less a conference title. 

My sport blew it last year by leaving out the team that won the best conference in college football – at least last year.

My sport further blew it by arguing resume over record. 2016 Washington didn’t play a schedule nearly as tough as Penn State’s, but it got in. The Nittany Lions winning the Big Ten title didn’t matter.

My sport blew it this year.

My sport looked at Alabama and decided that it was one of the four best teams, because it thinks it is. Not because of anything it did, and not because of its resume.

My sport thought Alabama was one of the four best teams based on talent. This just in – the 2018 Alabama Crimson Tide is one of the four best teams based on talent. too. So why go through the process of playing the games on the field?

My sport has a whole big process that ranks teams based on merit, debate, and expertise – and it’s a tremendous process. It’s meticulous, it’s fine-toothed, and it’s fair. In that process, it determined that Ohio State beat three teams better than anyone Alabama beat.

My sport has determined that there’s absolutely no reason to play anyone tough in non-conference play. Go 12-1, win your Power Five conference – in. Go 11-2, win your Power Five conference – not in.

My sport ruined the idea of a conference championship. Now, based on this, and based on Ohio State last year, you not only don’t need one, but it’s better that you don’t play one. Better to go 11-1 and not get into a title game, rather than take a chance that you could blow it in a tough loss.

My sport just proved that it’s no better than all the others that let in teams that aren’t good enough to win their own divisions or be the best in their own conferences.

My sport shouldn’t have a wild card without the playoff being weighted more heavily on the conference champions.

My sport shouldn’t have a 68-team field that lets in everyone who can dribble and chew gum, giving it second and third chances to win something big.

My sport has to be better than the other sports because the regular season has to still matter. That’s why my sport is so amazing each and every week.

My sport, though, has shown the ability to adapt and adjust. It tweaked the Poll & Bowl, and it changed up the BCS a few times when needed. It can change the College Football Playoff.

My sport should have one slight adjustment. Eight teams are too many – Wisconsin shouldn’t get a shot at the national title now. Six. All the Power Five champions, one extra catch-all like an Alabama or a UCF. 3 vs. 6 and 4 vs. 5 two weeks from now, and then the College Football Playoff kicks in like normal.

My sport is going to have an amazing College Football Playoff, even if the process to get there was flawed.

My sport is still the best one going. The College Football Playoff is a good thing. Alabama vs. Clemson? Georgia vs. Oklahoma? Really? WOW. At the end of the day …

My sport is one hell of a lot of fun.

My sport is just fine.


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