Scott Frost The New Nebraska Head Coach: He Had A Good Day

Scott Frost The New Nebraska Head Coach: He Had A Good Day

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Scott Frost The New Nebraska Head Coach: He Had A Good Day


Scott Frost led UCF to a 12-0 record and an American Athletic Conference championship, and then it was announced that he’s taking over his dream gig.

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You don’t get many days like this.

First, Scott Frost led his team to an unbeaten pre-bowl season, a conference championship, and almost certainly a spot on the big stage of a New Year’s Six Bowl game.

And he did it in one of the wildest, most emotional conference championship games possible.

But just as it was ending, it was all starting to trickle out that he was going to be the next Nebraska head coach. And now, he gets to go home, he gets to be the head coach of the place that should’ve hired him a few years ago after Bo Pelini was fired, and he gets a chance to make this program all his.

And he gets a raise to make a whole lot more money.

Both sides handled this situation about as well as they could’ve. Nebraska was busting to get it out there that it was getting its main man back, and it waited as long as possible before bursting just as the AAC title game ended.

Frost didn’t want anything to do with the Nebraska situation for right now – and for good reason.

He was enjoying the moment, enjoying his players, and enjoying the result of two years of hard work to turn UCF into a big, fun program that became a big deal throughout the season.

Give it a few days for this all to sink in, and then … boom.

He’s what Nebraska fans have been waiting for. He’s what they were hoping for. He’s what the program needed.

Wisconsin is still going to be a West powerhouse, but the rest of the division is just okay. It’s not a killer, it’s not the Big Ten East or SEC West, and it’s there for the taking if he can bring the same sort of magic to Lincoln that he arrived with in Orlando.

Now, he still has to prove he can come up with a big win over a Power Five team – beating Maryland this season doesn’t really count – and it would be nice if he could prove early on that defense matters.

Whatever. That will all come.

There are guys who are the right fits for a job at the right time, and now everyone gets what they want – except for UCF.

The expectations for Frost? Be a regular in the Big Ten championship hunt, flirt with the College Football Playoff once in a while, and …


The expectations? Make Nebraska a national championship superpower again, give the fan base the identity it’s been wanting ever since Tom Osborne retired, and do the the Huskers what he did for UCF.

But first, if there was ever a time for someone to enjoy the moment, this would be it.

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