Ole Miss Punishment Breakdown: What This Means For You

Ole Miss Punishment Breakdown: What This Means For You


Ole Miss Punishment Breakdown: What This Means For You


The NCAA has ruled on the Ole Miss issues. What does it mean for the football program … and you?

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To break down the Ole Miss problems and the rulings by the NCAA, it’s comes down to this.

From the NCAA in its findings and rulings on Ole Miss

“The panel noted that the case was the result of a culture at the university where rules violations were acceptable in the football program and reminiscent of similar Ole Miss infractions cases in the past.”

The NCAA hit Ole Miss with the lack of institutional control tag. While the sanctions handed down matter, this is more about making sure everything the program does going forward is on the up-and-up.

Ole Miss is on double secret probation starting now and going to November 30th of 2020. No toga parties.

Here’s what matters in the real football world.

– Ole Miss was hit with a two-year bowl ban with time served. It wasn’t bowl eligible this year – that’s one year – and now it’s not eligible to go bowling in 2018. That’s not a huge deal, except for the upperclassmen. But …

– The seniors can now transfer, penalty free. Usually, there’s a one-year waiting period when a player wants to transfer, but the NCAA is blowing that off. It’s open season on Rebel seniors-to-be. The biggest losses could be DE Breeland Speaks and QB Jordan Ta’amu, who’ll likely be a backup once Shea Patterson returns.

– Ole Miss scholarships are being reduced, but that’s not anything to get into a twist over. Those were self-imposed by the school.

– In general, former head coach Hugh Freeze caught a break. He’ll be suspended for two conference games in 2018 – but he’s hardly a lock to get an assistant coaching gig somewhere.

– Ole Miss will have to vacate wins. No one cares.

– After it all breaks down, Ole Miss will have to pay around $185,000 in penalties.

How does this all affect you and your college football watching world? It means Ole Miss won’t be all that great for a while, it won’t be in the bowl mix next year, and it could be a layup win for Texas Tech in the opener. However, the other non-conference games are against Southern Illinois, Kent State and ULM.

Basically, if you liked Ole Miss this year, you’ll get more. of the same – but a little worse – in 2018, and then it’ll take at least two more years to reasonably get back up to speed.


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