Ohio State vs. Alabama: Who'll Get The College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot?

Ohio State vs. Alabama: Who'll Get The College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot?


Ohio State vs. Alabama: Who'll Get The College Football Playoff No. 4 Spot?


It’s going to be the big argument over the next several hours … will it be Alabama or Ohio State for the fourth spot in the College Football Playoff?

We all know who the top three are going to be.

Clemson, Georgia and Oklahoma are going to be in, with the Tigers most likely the No. 1 seed in the Sugar Bowl, and the Bulldogs and Sooners likely battling it out in Pasadena.

Here’s a fly-on-the-wall debate that’ll be happening tonight when it comes to who’ll get that spot. Ready to get into this? Ohio State vs. Alabama …


Ohio State: Big Ten champion. The committee has said from the start of this entire process that conference championships matter more than anything else.

Alabama: Yeah, but that didn’t work out so hot last year. Ohio State caught a massive, MASSIVE break getting into the College Football Playoff despite not winning its division. Same deal.

Ohio State: At Oklahoma – who won the Big 12 Championship. At Wisconsin – who won the Cotton Bowl. Michigan, who went to the Orange Bowl. That’s why the Buckeyes went to the College Football Playoff. 2017 Alabama doesn’t remotely have one of those.

Alabama: Yeah, but Alabama also doesn’t have two losses. Remember, the committee made a statement last year putting in a one-loss Ohio State and a one-loss Washington over a two-loss Penn State who won the Big Ten championship and had a solid resume.

Ohio State: But Washington won its conference championship, and, again, the resume last year was amazing.

The Final CFP Top 25 Will Be … 

Alabama: Iowa 55, Ohio State 24 (drop mic, take a walk out of the room to go get a cookie)

Ohio State: TIME OUT … TIME OUT … Need to stop the momentum for a moment …

Alabama: Yeah, there might not be that amazing win on the Crimson Tide side, but there definitely isn’t one of those clunkers.

USC: Um, speaking of clunkers … why not USC? The bad loss at Notre Dame is much, much better than the bad loss against Notre Dame, and …

Ohio State: Cut it out.

Alabama: Yeah, enjoy the Fiesta Bowl. Glendale is a lovely place to spend New Year’s Day.

USC: The Trojans have a case, and …

Ohio State: Just take care of Penn State or Wisconsin, USC, and then there’s a beef.  For now, let the adults talk.

Okay, Ohio State has three strong wins over the only remaining unbeaten Power Five team left – Wisconsin – last week’s No. 9 Penn State, and last week’s No. 16 Michigan State. Technically, Alabama’s best win is over No. 17 LSU, and the only reason it was ranked that high was because it beat Auburn, who just lost, and …

Alabama: Yeah, because the Crimson Tide beat up Auburn. Look at what happens in the post-Alabama game throughout the season. Teams are battered and bruised. That was NOT the same Auburn team that walked into Jordan-Hare on Thanksgiving weekend.

Ohio State: And Ohio State had a quarterback who underwent knee surgery and went out and won a Big Ten championship.

Alabama: And then there’s the eye test. Honestly, if you told all the committee members that they had to bet the house, the winter home, and the grandkids on Ohio State or Alabama, take a guess who they’d all choose.

Ohio State: Based on what? Blowing out freaking Vanderbilt? Oooooooh, nice going. The harsh reality is that the Alabama eye test sucked this year. The Tide were just okay against a mediocre Texas A&M. They were just okay against an above-average LSU, and an above-average Mississippi State. And then, with the world on the line, they looked like a flaming bag of meh against Auburn.

Alabama: Iowa 55, Ohio State 24

Ohio State: TIME OUT … TIME OUT … 30 seconds

Alabama: And the Buckeyes got blown out at home by Oklahoma. Yeah, it was a good loss against a great team, but why should they get another shot in the tournament if they couldn’t get it done at home the first time around?

Ohio State: And why should Alabama be in over an Auburn team that came up with a double-digit win just a few weeks ago?

Alabama: That’s different. Obviously.

Ohio State: Either way, there’s going to be some new precedent set. In this case, the committee is going to end up putting in a two-loss team with a conference championship and a better resume.

Alabama: Or, it’ll stick with last year’s one-loss-team only precedent.

Ohio State: Nah … at the end of the day, the committee isn’t going to put in two teams from the same conference, especially in a down year for the league.

Alabama: And the committee isn’t going to put in a team with two losses including a 55-24 clunker to Iowa.

Ohio State: Enjoy Miami in Miami, Alabama.

Alabama: The world doesn’t want to see Clemson-Ohio State Part 2. Not after last year. Clemson-Bama 3: This Time, It’s Personal.

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