Cotton, Belk, Sun, Music City, Arizona Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

Cotton, Belk, Sun, Music City, Arizona Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice

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Cotton, Belk, Sun, Music City, Arizona Final Thoughts, Predictions & Investment Advice


The New Year’s Six gets rolling with USC vs. Ohio State showdown to cap off a huge day of games. Here are the final thoughts on the Cotton, Belk, Sun, Music City, Arizona bowls.

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Cotton, Belk, Sun, Music City and Arizona Bowls Final Thoughts & Investment Advice

And now it’s on. And now starts the run of New Year’s Six bowls – the games you really want to see.

Outside of the College Football Playoff. there isn’t a bowl bigger than the Cotton when Ohio State and USC do their thing. But the four other Friday matchups aren’t all that bad, either.

For all the games, this is all just for spits, giggles, and entertainment purposes only. However, just in case you dabble …

What’s one of the key variables so far this bowl season? Besides not wanting to deal with military academies that run the option, stay away from the teams with coaching issues.

Florida State was the exception, but SMU clunked, Oregon fizzled, and UCLA flopped. An argument can be made that Missouri, too, wasn’t the same without offensive coordinator Josh Heupel.

And you’re thinking about taking Texas A&M, why?

The Aggies are better, faster, and more talented than Wake Forest, but this is a tight, dangerous Demon Deacon offense that’ll be far more efficient and won’t make the key mistakes.

QB John Wolford and the Wake Forest pass rush will be enough to overcome a few flashy, splashy A&M plays.
Belk Bowl Preview

Forget everything I just said about the coaching thing. No one has had a weirder coaching offseason than Arizona State, but Todd Graham is still coaching in the Hyundai Sun Bowl.

It’s like getting dumped by your wife, but still having to accompany her to her nephew’s bar mitzvah – while her new boyfriend is sitting a few seats over watching.

Okay, it’s nothing like that, but it’s weird.

Even so, this is one of those gut-feeling calls – the team will play hard for the outgoing head man. Arizona State was able to rise up just enough at times to pull off a few special moments, and this will be one of them.

Against this NC State team that seems to go out of its way to make things too difficult, be careful for one of those doesn’t-make-any-sense bowl moments that keep highlighting this post-season.

Yeah, the Pac-12 hasn’t exactly set the world on fire so far, but ASU is getting 6.5 points. Okay.
Hyundai Sun Bowl Preview

Ugh … I HATE that Northwestern is giving up 7.5 to Kentucky. By all reasonable logic and analysis, the Big Ten Wildcats shouldn’t have any problems beating the SEC Cats. Northwestern finished on a roll, its offense is loaded with veterans who aren’t going to be afraid of playing in a bowl, and it’s simply better than UK.

However, even though there were some blowouts late in the season, NU should be in for a bit of a fight.

I hate that 7.5. I hate the 51 point total because I hate going under. I hate picking any team I’m sure is going to win to not cover.

Holding nose … Kentucky and the points. And the under. Yuck.
Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl Preview

The investment community is seeing something I’m not. Throughout the bowl process, I just assumed the world would come around and realize that New Mexico State is the big story in the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl.

The narrative, the historical nature of the moment, the passing game – it’s all on NMSU’s side.

It’s apples and oranges – and the Vandals still had one more year – but remember how Idaho played angry against Colorado State in last year’s 61-50 win in the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl? When it comes to teams getting shoved out of their conference and their normal world, this might be about the same.

The underdog and the over. Boom.
NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl Preview

Never, ever bargain with a pick. Speculate, guess, hope, pray, eat, love, but the game is going to do what the game is going to do.

You can’t make a pick happen, unless you go and do something illegal or untoward, and you’re not going to do that. And if you are, let me know so I can adjust my picks accordingly.

With that said, I’m totally bargaining with this Cotton Bowl prediction.

Originally, I made the call everywhere else that USC was going to beat a down Ohio State that’ll be 1) flaky, 2) sulky, and 3) flat. I also swore after last year’s Fiesta Bowl that I’d never take Ohio State again just because Urban Meyer is Urban Meyer.

Ohio State is going to win this. It’s better than USC, and it might just be the best team in college football when its head is screwed on straight.

The pass rush will get to Sam Darnold just enough to make him screw up, the Pac-12 is just soft enough that its champion will be exposed a bit, and while there won’t be an anger thing happening after getting totally screwed in the College Football Playoff process, the Buckeyes will play with a chip on their shoulder.

And then 2017 Ohio State will go 2017 Ohio State.

It won’t play a full sixty minutes, USC will come back late, and it’ll turn out to be a fight. So here’s my deal. Ohio State will win, but USC will score late to cover that 7.5.
Cotton Bowl Preview

And Finally … 

Keep an eye on the Fiesta Bowl line. The Big Ten started out the bowl season 3-0. If Ohio State takes down USC impressively, and the Pac-12 loses ANOTHER bowl game, that Penn State -2 will jump up at least a point.

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