CFN Expert Bowl & College Football Playoff Against The Spread Confidence Pool Picks

CFN Expert Bowl & College Football Playoff Against The Spread Confidence Pool Picks


CFN Expert Bowl & College Football Playoff Against The Spread Confidence Pool Picks


Bowl & College Football Playoff Confidence Pool Picks: Against The Spread

How confident are you? Who are the sure thing winners this bowl season against the spread? Here are the CFN expert picks for every bowl game based on confidence from most to least – against the spread.

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How confident are you in your bowl picks? Here’s the drill – take all 39 bowl games and make the pick AGAINST THE SPREAD, and then score the most confident pick 39, second-most confident pick 38, on down to giving the least-confident pick a 1.

Check back throughout the bowl season as we keep track on how all the picks are doing and which expert is doing all the winning.

Bowl & College Football Playoff Confidence Pools: Against The Spread

From Most Confident (39) to Least Confident (1) against the spread
Scroll down for each of the Experts Picks. The Score at the end of each game is the total of the expert’s picks. 

2017 Bowl Confidence Poll: Straight Up Picks

Click on each game for preview & prediction

39. TaxSlayer: Louisville -6.5 over Miss State, 187
38. Fiesta: Penn State -2 over Washington, 163
37. Armed Forces: San Diego State -7 over Army, 144
36. Holiday: Michigan St +2.5 over Washington St, 142
35. New Mexico: Colorado St -5.5 over Marshall, 133
34. New Orleans: Troy -6.5 over North Texas, 127
33. Outback: Michigan -7.5 over South Carolina, 119
32. Orange: Wisconsin -6.5 over Miami, 102
31. Dollar General: Toledo -7.5 over Appalachian St, 92
30. Cure: WKU -6.5 over Georgia State, 87
29. Chick-fil-A Peach: UCF +9.5 over Auburn, 85
28. Camping World: Oklahoma St -4.5 over Va Tech, 79
27. Liberty: Iowa State +3.5 over Memphis, 75
26. Sugar: Clemson +2.5 over Alabama, 74
25. Sun: NC State -6 over Arizona State, 69
24. Cotton: USC +7.5 over Ohio State, 59
23. Independence: FSU -15.5 over Southern Miss, 58
T22. Arizona: Utah State -4 over NMSU, 54
T22. Heart of Dallas: Utah -6.5 over West Virginia, 54
T20. Belk: Wake Forest -3 over Texas A&M, 50
T20. Birmingham: USF -2.5 over Texas Tech, 50
T18. Camellia: Arkansas State -3.5 over Middle Tenn, 49
T18. Pinstripe: Iowa -3 over Boston College, 49
16. Music City: Northwestern -7.5 over Kentucky, 46
15. Alamo: TCU -2.5 over Stanford, 45
14. Quick Lane: Northern Illinois +5 over Duke, 42
13. Cactus: Kansas State -2.5 over UCLA, 38
12. Rose: Georgia -2 over Oklahoma, 31
11. Potato: Wyoming over Central Michigan, 30
T10. Gasparilla: Temple -7 over FIU, 29
T10. Texas: Missouri -3 over Texas, 29
8. Military: Virginia over Navy, 25
7. Boca Raton: Akron +22.5 over FAU, 16
6. Bahamas: UAB +7.5 over Ohio, 12
5. Frisco: SMU -5 over Louisiana Tech, 10
4. Foster Farms: Purdue +3.5 over Arizona, 7
3. Hawaii: Fresno State +2.5 over Houston, 6
2. Las Vegas: Oregon -7 over Boise State, 5
1. Citrus: LSU -3 over Notre Dame, 2

Bowl & College Football Playoff Confidence Poll Picks: Against The Spread

These picks are ONLY against the spread and NOT straight up

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl

Troy -6.5 vs. North Texas, o/u: 62

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Troy 30
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Troy 13
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Troy 29
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Troy 25
@Jeremy Mauss, Troy 1
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Troy 22
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Troy 33
Clucko The Chicken: North Texas 4
Consensus Confidence Score
Troy -6.5 over North Texas, 127

AutoNation Cure Bowl

WKU -6.5 vs. Georgia State, o/u: 52

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: WKU 4
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: WKU 24
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: WKU 36
@Phil Harrison, CFN: WKU 6
@Jeremy Mauss, WKU 20
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: WKU 20
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: WKU 7
Clucko The Chicken: Georgia State 10
Consensus Confidence Score
WKU -6.5 over Georgia State, 87

Las Vegas Bowl

Boise State vs. Oregon -7, o/u: 61

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Oregon 25
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Boise State 1
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Boise State 9
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Oregon 26
@Jeremy Mauss, Boise State 21
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Boise State 16
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Oregon 21
Clucko The Chicken: Boise State 36
Consensus Confidence Score
Oregon -7 over Boise State, 5

Gildan New Mexico Bowl

Colorado State -5.5 vs. Marshall, o/u: 58.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Colorado State 28
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Marshall 26
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Colorado State 21
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Colorado State 24
@Jeremy Mauss, Colorado State 22
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Colorado State 18
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Colorado State 36
Clucko The Chicken: Colorado State 28
Consensus Confidence Score
Colorado State -5.5 over Marshall, 133

Raycom Media Camellia Bowl

Arkansas State -3.5 vs. Middle Tennessee, o/u: 63.5 

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Arkansas State 19
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Middle Tennessee 15
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Arkansas State 37
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Arkansas State 23
@Jeremy Mauss, Middle Tennessee 19
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Arkansas State 13
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Middle Tennessee 31
Clucko The Chicken: Arkansas State 35
Consensus Confidence Score
Arkansas State -3.5 over Middle Tenn, 49

Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl

Akron vs. Florida Atlantic -22.5, o/u: 63

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Florida Atlantic 22
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Akron 2
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Akron 20
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Akron 27
@Jeremy Mauss, Akron 23
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Akron 33
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Florida Atlantic 39
Clucko The Chicken: Akron 5
Consensus Confidence Score
Akron +22.5 over Florida Atlantic, 16

Frisco Bowl

SMU -5 vs. Louisiana Tech, o/u: 70

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: SMU 6
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: SMU 20
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: SMU 5
@Phil Harrison, CFN: SMU 7
@Jeremy Mauss, Louisiana Tech 18
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: SMU 11
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: SMU 16
Clucko The Chicken: Louisiana Tech 26
Consensus Confidence Score
SMU -5 over Louisiana Tech, 10

Bad Boy Mowers Gasparilla Bowl

Temple -7 vs. FIU, o/u: 56

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Temple 24
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: FIU 25
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Temple 28
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Temple 22
@Jeremy Mauss, FIU 17
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Temple 27
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Temple 28
Clucko The Chicken: Temple 19
Consensus Confidence Score
Temple -7 over FIU, 29

Bahamas Bowl

UAB vs. Ohio -7.5, o/u: 55.5 

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Ohio 10
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Ohio 12
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: UAB 6
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Ohio 8
@Jeremy Mauss, UAB 24
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Ohio 12
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: UAB 3
Clucko The Chicken: UAB 9
Consensus Confidence Score
UAB +7.5 over Ohio, 12

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Central Michigan vs. Wyoming PICK, o/u: 44.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Wyoming 1
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Central Michigan 5
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Wyoming 19
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Wyoming 9
@Jeremy Mauss, Wyoming 25
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Wyoming 7
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Wyoming 20
Clucko The Chicken: Central Michigan 39
Consensus Confidence Score
Wyoming over Central Michigan, 30

Birmingham Bowl

USF -2.5 vs. Texas Tech, o/u: 67.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: USF 26
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: USF 10
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Texas Tech 4
@Phil Harrison, CFN: USF 10
@Jeremy Mauss, USF 15
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: USF 8
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Texas Tech 18
Clucko The Chicken: USF 11
Consensus Confidence Score
USF -2.5 over Texas Tech, 50

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Army vs. San Diego State -7, o/u: 46.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: San Diego State 23
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: San Diego State 27
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: San Diego State 39
@Phil Harrison, CFN: San Diego State 34
@Jeremy Mauss, San Diego State 14
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: San Diego State 39
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: San Diego State 27
Clucko The Chicken: Army 29
Consensus Confidence Score
San Diego State -7 over Army, 144

Dollar General Bowl

Toledo -7.5 vs. Appalachian State, o/u: 62.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Appalachian State 21
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Toledo 16
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Toledo 22
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Toledo 21
@Jeremy Mauss, Toledo 26
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Toledo 29
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Toledo 30
Clucko The Chicken: Appalachian State 2
Consensus Confidence Score
Toledo -7.5 over Appalachian State, 92

Hawai’i Bowl

Houston -2.5 vs. Fresno State, o/u: 49.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Houston 7
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Fresno State 21
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Fresno State 7
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Houston 11
@Jeremy Mauss, Fresno State 27
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Fresno State 6
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Houston 13
Clucko The Chicken: Houston 18
Consensus Confidence Score
Fresno State +2.5 over Houston, 6

Zaxby’s Heart of Dallas Bowl

West Virginia vs. Utah -6.5, o/u: 57

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Utah 20
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: West Virginia 36
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Utah 30
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Utah 12
@Jeremy Mauss, West Virginia 13
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Utah 28
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Utah 29
Clucko The Chicken: Utah 12
Consensus Confidence Score
Utah -6.5 over West Virginia, 54

Quick Lane Bowl

Duke -5 vs. Northern Illinois, o/u: 47.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Northern Illinois 5
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Northern Illinois 14
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Duke 15
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Duke 28
@Jeremy Mauss, Northern Illinois 28
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Duke 35
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Northern Illinois 6
Clucko The Chicken: Northern Illinois 32
Consensus Confidence Score
Northern Illinois +5 over Duke, 42

Cactus Bowl

UCLA vs. Kansas State -2.5, o/u: 63.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Kansas State 12
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Kansas State 9
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Kansas State 31
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Kansas State 13
@Jeremy Mauss, Kansas State 12
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Kansas State 30
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: UCLA 9
Clucko The Chicken: UCLA 30
Consensus Confidence Score
Kansas State -2.5 over UCLA, 38

Walk-On’s Independence Bowl

Florida State -17 vs. Southern Miss, o/u: 49

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Florida State 18
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Florida State 23
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Southern Miss 13
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Florida State 29
@Jeremy Mauss, Southern Miss 11
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Southern Miss 19
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Florida State 38
Clucko The Chicken: Southern Miss 24
Consensus Confidence Score
Florida State -17 over Southern Miss, 58

New Era Pinstripe Bowl

Boston College vs. Iowa -3, o/u: 46

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Iowa 8
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Iowa 11
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Boston College 14
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Iowa 20
@Jeremy Mauss, Iowa 29
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Boston College 17
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Iowa 15
Clucko The Chicken: Boston College 20
Consensus Confidence Score
Iowa -3 over Boston College, 49

Foster Farms Bowl

Arizona -3.5 vs. Purdue, o/u: 65.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Purdue 16
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Purdue 29
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Arizona 23
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Purdue 30
@Jeremy Mauss, Arizona 30
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Arizona 26
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Arizona 23
Clucko The Chicken: Purdue 8
Consensus Confidence Score
Purdue +3.5 over Arizona, 7

Academy Sports + Outdoors Texas Bowl

Texas vs. Missouri -3, o/u: 60.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Missouri 15
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Missouri 31
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Texas 18
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Texas 31
@Jeremy Mauss, Texas 10
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Texas 14
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Missouri 8
Clucko The Chicken: Missouri 34
Consensus Confidence Score
Missouri -3 over Texas, 29

Military Bowl Presented By Northrup Grumman

Virginia vs. Navy, PICK, o/u: 55

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Virginia 2
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Navy 28
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Virginia 38
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Navy 14
@Jeremy Mauss, Navy 9
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Virginia 38
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Virginia 1
Clucko The Chicken: Virginia 37
Consensus Confidence Score
Virginia over Navy, 25

Camping World Bowl

Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma State -4.5, o/u: 63

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Oklahoma State 29
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Virginia Tech 30
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Oklahoma State 10
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Oklahoma State 32
@Jeremy Mauss, Oklahoma State 31
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Oklahoma State 32
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Oklahoma State 24
Clucko The Chicken: Virginia Tech 17
Consensus Confidence Score
Oklahoma State -4.5 over Virginia Tech, 79

Valero Alamo Bowl

TCU -2.5 vs. Stanford, o/u: 49

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: TCU 17
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: TCU 7
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Stanford 1
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Stanford 2
@Jeremy Mauss, Stanford 8
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: TCU 3
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: TCU 26
Clucko The Chicken: TCU 6
Consensus Confidence Score
TCU -2.5 over Stanford, 45

San Diego County Credit Union Holiday Bowl

Michigan State vs. Washington State -2.5, o/u: 45

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Michigan State 39
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Michigan State 37
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Michigan State 26
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Michigan State 35
@Jeremy Mauss, Washington State 32
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Michigan State 21
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Michigan State 14
Clucko The Chicken: Michigan State 23
Consensus Confidence Score
Michigan State +2.5 over Washington State, 142

Belk Bowl

Wake Forest -3 vs. Texas A&M, o/u: 64.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Wake Forest 14
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Wake Forest 33
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Texas A&M 11
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Texas A&M 15
@Jeremy Mauss, Wake Forest 33
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Wake Forest 34
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Texas A&M 17
Clucko The Chicken: Wake Forest 13
Consensus Confidence Score
Wake Forest -3 over Texas A&M, 50

Hyundai Sun Bowl

NC State -6 vs. Arizona State, o/u: 59.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: NC State 34
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Arizona State 8
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: NC State 16
@Phil Harrison, CFN: NC State 19
@Jeremy Mauss, Arizona State 7
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: NC State 37
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: NC State 31
Clucko The Chicken: Arizona State 16
Consensus Confidence Score
NC State -6 over Arizona State, 69

Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl

Northwestern -7.5 vs. Kentucky, o/u: 51

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Northwestern 27
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Northwestern 19
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Kentucky 33
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Northwestern 36
@Jeremy Mauss, Kentucky 34
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Northwestern 23
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Northwestern 32
Clucko The Chicken: Kentucky 1
Consensus Confidence Score
Northwestern -7.5 over Kentucky, 46

NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl

New Mexico State vs. Utah State -4, o/u: 61.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Utah State 3
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Utah State 32
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: New Mexico State 25
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Utah State 1
@Jeremy Mauss, Utah State 6
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Utah State 5
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Utah State 4
Clucko The Chicken: Utah State 33
Consensus Confidence Score
Utah State -4 over New Mexico State, 54

TaxSlayer Bowl

Mississippi State vs. Louisville -6.5, o/u: 63

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Louisville 32
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Louisville 39
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Louisville 32
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Louisville 33
@Jeremy Mauss, Louisville 35
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Miss State 15
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Louisville 37
Clucko The Chicken: Mississippi State 21
Consensus Confidence Score
Louisville -6.5 over Miss State, 187

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Iowa State vs. Memphis -3.5, o/u: 66.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Iowa State 36
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Iowa State 22
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Memphis 2
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Iowa State 18
@Jeremy Mauss, Memphis 5
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Memphis 25
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Memphis 19
Clucko The Chicken: Iowa State 25
Consensus Confidence Score
Iowa State +3.5 over Memphis, 75

Outback Bowl

Michigan -7.5 vs. South Carolina, o/u: 43

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Michigan 33
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Michigan 6
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Michigan 35
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Michigan 37
@Jeremy Mauss, Michigan 4
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: South Carolina 10
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Michigan 35
Clucko The Chicken: South Carolina 31
Consensus Confidence Score
Michigan -7.5 over South Carolina, 119

Citrus Bowl

Notre Dame vs. LSU -3, o/u: 51.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: LSU 9
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Notre Dame 38
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: LSU 17
@Phil Harrison, CFN: LSU 17
@Jeremy Mauss, Notre Dame 36
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Notre Dame 4
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Notre Dame 5
Clucko The Chicken: LSU 38
Consensus Confidence Score
LSU -3 over Notre Dame, 2

Goodyear Cotton Bowl

Ohio State -7.5 vs. USC, o/u: 64.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: USC 31
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Ohio State 3
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: USC 34
@Phil Harrison, CFN: USC 3
@Jeremy Mauss, USC 3
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: USC 9
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Ohio State 12
Clucko The Chicken: Ohio State 3
Consensus Confidence Score
USC +7.5 over Ohio State, 59

Capital One Orange Bowl

Wisconsin -6.5 vs. Miami, o/u: 45

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Wisconsin 35
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Wisconsin 4
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Wisconsin 24
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Wisconsin 38
@Jeremy Mauss, Wisconsin 37
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Wisconsin 36
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Miami 22
Clucko The Chicken: Miami 14
Consensus Confidence Score
Wisconsin -6.5 over Miami, 102

Fiesta Bowl

Washington vs. Penn State -2, o/u: 55

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Penn State 38
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Penn State 18
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Penn State 27
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Penn State 39
@Jeremy Mauss, Penn State 38
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Penn State 31
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Penn State 25
Clucko The Chicken: Washington 22
Consensus Confidence Score
Penn State -2 over Washington, 163

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl

Auburn -9.5 vs. UCF, o/u: 66.5

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: UCF 19
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: UCF 35
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Auburn 12
@Phil Harrison, CFN: UCF 16
@Jeremy Mauss, UCF 2
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Auburn 13
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Auburn 2
Clucko The Chicken: UCF 27
Consensus Confidence Score
UCF +9.5 over Auburn, 85

Rose Bowl

Georgia -2 vs. Oklahoma, o/u: 60

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Georgia 13
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Georgia 17
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Georgia 8
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Oklahoma 5
@Jeremy Mauss, Georgia 1
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Georgia 2
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Georgia 12
Clucko The Chicken: Oklahoma 15
Consensus Confidence Score
Georgia -2 over Oklahoma, 31

Sugar Bowl

Clemson vs. Alabama -2.5, o/u: 47

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN: Clemson 11
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN: Clemson 34
@Pete Fiutak, CFN: Clemson 3
@Phil Harrison, CFN: Clemson 4
@Jeremy Mauss, Clemson 39
@Russ Mitchell, CFN: Clemson 24
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive: Alabama 10
Clucko The Chicken: Alabama 7
Consensus Confidence Score
Clemson +2.5 over Alabama, 74

Results So Far

@Rich Cirminiello, CFN
SU: 182-66 ATS: 130-113-5 ATS Lock: 11-2
@Jeff Feyerer, CFN
SU: 184-78  ATS: 132-125-5 ATS Lock: 10-4
@Pete Fiutak, CFN
SU: 187-75  ATS: 147-112-5 ATS Lock: 8-6
@Jeremy Harper, SunBeltHeat
SU: 157-61 ATS: 108-105-5 ATS Lock: 8-4
@Phil Harrison, CFN
SU: 173-56  ATS: 117-115-5 ATS Lock: 2-10
@KaraKohlenberg, CFN
SU: 183-79  ATS: 136-119-5 ATS Lock: 5-8-1
@Jeremy Mauss,
SU: 193-69 ATS: 131-127-5 ATS Lock: 9-5
@Russ Mitchell, CFN
SU: 187-66 ATS: 125-124-5 ATS Lock: 10-4
Keith Stewart, Winners & Whiners
SU: 16895 ATS: 141-115-5 ATS Lock: 9-4-1
@Crowley Sullivan, CFN
SU: 169-76 ATS: 125-114-5 ATS Lock: 8-5
@Joe Vitale, UGAFootballLive
SU: 161-53 ATS: 117-82-5 ATS: 8-3-1
Clucko The Chicken
SU: 124-138  ATS: 143-112-5 ATS Lock: 7-7
SU: 207-63 ATS: 154-103-4

EXP - Russ Mitchell Russ Mitchell is the lead SEC Columnist and America’s college football radio guest of choice for College Football News. Is always right when it comes to SEC football.

EXP - Phil HarrisonPhil Harrison has been writing for for ten years. He is the leading Big Ten featured writer, and can be followed on Twitter @PhilHarrisonCFB.

EXP - CrowleyCrowley Sullivan is a 20-year sports-media veteran having spent ten years at ESPN as a producer, programmer, content creator, business developer, and brand manager.  He now serves a EVP, Planning/GM, Sports for MandtVR, a content creation platform that emphasizes 360 & Virtual Reality initiatives.

EXP - Jeremy SimonJeremy Simon is the owner of covering West Virginia University. He’s also is a contributor to USA Today Sports, CFN and Athlon Sports.

EXP - Rich CirminielloRich Cirminiello is a CFN lifer, and volunteers as the Director of College Awards for the Maxwell Football Club, which annually honors the premier high school, college and NFL players.

EXP - CluckoClucko the Chicken has been America’s premier poultry prognosticator since winning the 2000 Pro Football Weekly college football confidence pool among 37 entries. Clucko makes picks based on two feed dishes representing each team – or on a coin-flip.

EXP - Fiu 3Pete Fiutak writes a lot of articles about college football stuff for, and appears on way, way too many radio shows across the country.


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