What If Chip Kelly Is The Next Florida Head Coach?

What If Chip Kelly Is The Next Florida Head Coach?


What If Chip Kelly Is The Next Florida Head Coach?


What If Chip Kelly Is The Next Florida Head Coach?

While it’s all still mere speculation, the Internet has been roaring with rumors of Chip Kelly going to Florida. Is he does end up in Gainesville, then what? 

It’s not happening yet, but if Chip Kelly really did become the new Florida head coach … Game On.

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Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports started out the speculation that Chip Kelly would be the right guy at the right time for either Florida or Tennessee, but on Tuesday, the speculation started to gain steam – at least the idea of going to Florida.

The Chip Kelly-to-Florida tweets were thrown out there by some Gator fan accounts to see if they’d stick, but so far, there’s nothing to any of the rumors.

But okay – let’s say Florida really does want to go with Kelly?

Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen would still likely be the best choice, and UCF’s Scott Frost is still near the top of every list, but Kelly would be the splashiest of hires.

If the Gators go with him, then get ready for the ride.

Here’s the thing about Florida – or anyone – hiring Kelly. You’re all in.

He’s one of the few guys who could step in and be that big personality to go along with the legends of Spurrier, Urban and Tebow as an instant star at a place coming off life under Jim McElwain.

He’s going to come in, take over, and it’s going to be Zero. Fun. Sir. time. He’s a taskmaster of the highest order, he’s going to be prickly at times, and he won’t exactly be Dabo when it comes to being fun and giggles.

That describes most football coaches, of course, but Kelly takes that to a whole other level. If you have the college resume and the brand name of Kelly, everyone will go along with it if bringing him on means it’s high-octane time.

But here’s the big question: is his style of offense really going to work against top-shelf SEC defenses?

It’ll destroy the weak and the sad, but what happens when it has to go against a loaded Georgia D? Or whatever is coming next at Tennessee, or the stars of the SEC West?

Go ahead, Florida. Give it a whirl and let’s see if this all works.

Kelly had his issues and controversies in Eugene, but he also had one of the greatest four year runs in college football history.

After starting out getting stomped on by Boise State, he and his offenses went on a run of offensive dominance, finishing 46-7 with three conference championships and a trip to the BCS championship in the one year he didn’t take down the Pac-10/Pac-12.

During his run, Oregon averaged 44.7 points per game. The Ducks only scored fewer than 30 points seven times in the 53-game run, and those just so happened to be five of the seven losses.

And those seven losses?

Stanford in 2012 – the Cardinal went on to win the Rose Bowl.

LSU in 2011 – the Tigers lost the national title to Alabama. USC in 2011 – the Trojans went 10-2.

The Ducks lost to Cam Newton and Auburn in the 2011 BCS Championship, lost the 2010 Rose Bowl to Ohio State, lost to a Boise State team that went 14-0 and won the Fiesta Bowl, and dropped one other game to a solid Stanford team in that 2009 season.

You want that, Florida? Forget the pro career – you want the guy who only lost a few elite of the elite games and made a program a dominant force in a Power Five conference?

The fan base is hopeful and the rumors are flying.

If he turns out to be the guy, the SEC East will be very, very unhappy.

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