Watch: Malzahn, Auburn Give Georgia Bulletin Board Material

Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Watch: Malzahn, Auburn Give Georgia Bulletin Board Material


Watch: Malzahn, Auburn Give Georgia Bulletin Board Material

Malzahn, Auburn Give Georgia Some Quality Bulletin Board Material

You already know what happened on Saturday night in Auburn, so I’ll spare you the details.

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Georgia lost. By a lot.

It was the 121st edition of the Deep South’s Oldest Rivalry and it was clear Auburn was enjoying every minute of its blowout win over Georgia.

The hatred between the two schools was tangible Saturday night. Auburn certainly did not shy away from displaying its dislike for UGA.

A pass late in the game when a run would have kept the clock ticking, a challenge by Gus Malzahn on an irrelevant third down conversion and of course, the pumping of Soulja Boy throughout Jordan-Hare Stadium — all examples of what makes this such a heated a rivalry.

Can you really be mad at Auburn for playing and dancing to Soulja Boy late in the game though? Yes, it was clearly a shot at Georgia, who did the same thing back in 2007 during the blackout game, but poor Auburn has probably been planning that for 10 years now –  but considering this was only their 3rd win in 12 years it was probably tough to find the optimal time to do so.

But wait, there’s more. Following his post-game on-field interviews, Malzahn was videoed saying “We whipped the dog crap out of them, didn’t we?”

Good for you, Gus. One win over UGA in the past 4 years. Keep beating us at that rate and we will build a statue for you outside Sanford Stadium.

Now I love college football because of rivalries like this one, so as a Georgia fan I am not upset or offended by any of this. In fact, I love it and I hope Kirby reminds his players of it the next time the two meet, which very well may be on December 2nd in Atlanta.

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