The College Football Playoff & New Year's Six Matchups Will Be ...

The College Football Playoff & New Year's Six Matchups Will Be ...


The College Football Playoff & New Year's Six Matchups Will Be ...


Going into Rivalry Week, and a week before the conference championships and when everything comes together, what will be the College Football Playoff and New Year’s Six look like?

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Peach Bowl

Georgia vs. ucf

What Will Happen: Georgia will get by Georgia Tech in a fight, but lose to Alabama in the SEC Championship. It’ll get a relative home game against a jacked up UCF program trying to close out a perfect season before new Nebraska head coach Scott Frost leaves for Lincoln.

Orange Bowl

Miami vs. Penn State

What Will Happen: Where’s Pete Giftopoulos? Miami will lose to Clemson in the ACC Championship, complain that it should be in the College Football Playoff anyway, but the overall resume won’t look that great after all the puzzle pieces are put together.

Penn State will rip up Maryland to finish deep in the final CFP top ten. It’ll be between the Fiesta and the Orange, but the committee will go with a Nittany Lion team that’ll be ranked ahead of Ohio State.

Cotton Bowl

TCU vs. Notre dame

The loser of the Big 12 Championship will end up back in AT&T Stadium to face a Notre Dame team looking to close out strong. It’ll be a disappointment for TCU after losing a tight fight to Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma in a rematch, but the Horned Frog fans will show up. The Irish have to beat Stanford to get a New Year’s Six appearance.

Fiesta Bowl

usc vs. Ohio state

The Pac-12 champion will be an easy choice for Glendale, but there will be some arguing about putting Ohio State back in the Fiesta for a second year in a row. The committee would much, much rather put the Buckeyes in the Cotton vs. TCU, but it won’t want a Notre Dame vs. USC rematch from earlier in the year.

Bowl & College Football Playoff Projections
Projecting the Tuesday Night CFP Rankings

College Football Playoff: Rose Bowl

No. 2 Wisconsin vs. No. 3 clemson

The unbeaten Badgers will roll by Minnesota and get by Ohio State in an epic fight to make their way into the College Football Playoff as the College Football Playoff No. 2 – and one of just three remaining unbeaten teams – Alabama and UCF the other two.

Clemson will survive South Carolina, will pull away from Miami in the fourth quarter to take the ACC Championship, and it’ll be off to Pasadena.

Wisconsin’s defense will give the Tiger O fits, coming up with stop after stop to overcome a nothing day from its own offense. Both defenses will dominate, but the Badgers will go on one late scoring drive to survive and advance into the national championship, spoiling the Bama-Clemson III narrative.

College Football Playoff: Sugar Bowl

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Oklahoma

Alabama will rise up and play its best game of the year in an epic Iron Bowl. Auburn will be fantastic, but the Crimson Tide will exorcise the kick-six demons with a late scoring drive finished off with a Jalen Hurts touchdown run. It’ll be on to the SEC Championship where the Tide struggles, but breaks Bulldog hearts in the fourth quarter.

Oklahoma will get a massive fight from a TCU defense that will come up up with something special for Captain Crotch Grabber, but the Horned Frog O won’t have the firepower to pull it off. The Sooners will be off to the Sugar where they’ll get up early, but wear down late in a thriller.

College Football Playoff National Championship: Atlanta

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 2 Wisconsin

It’ll be a sea of red in Atlanta as Badger fans invade in waves. But Alabama will take up more than its share of the stadium in what will be the toughest College Football Playoff National Championship ticket ever.

Wisconsin will look like it has the right formula. It’ll come out roaring on the ground on the way to an early lead, and then two Alex Hornibrook interceptions will turn things around.

Alabama will take control in the second half, and Calvin Ridley will put it away with a long deep play for the program’s second national title in three years of the College Football Playoff era.


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