Why Georgia Should Be Ranked No. 2 - At Least

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Why Georgia Should Be Ranked No. 2 - At Least


Why Georgia Should Be Ranked No. 2 - At Least

Why Georgia Should Be Ranked No. 2 In The Nation

“Who cares about rankings? Just keep winning.” That’s a phrase you may hear or say quite often, but deep down, you care about rankings … and you should.

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Why would you not care about rankings? Who doesn’t like seeing a 1 or 2 next to their team’s name on the scoreboard? Plus, with the new era of the College Football Playoff, rankings matter more than ever – at least the ones that come from the committee in late October – especially if a team is hovering around the top-five.

So where does Georgia fit in at the moment?

Outside of Clemson, Georgia’s résumé is as impressive as it gets.

A really, really solid win over a good Notre Dame team, a blowout win vs Mississippi State, a 41-0 win over Tennessee in Knoxville, and another blowout win over Vanderbilt – that’s not only not bad, it’s fantastic considering Oklahoma and LSU are among the teams that couldn’t seem to take care of business to stay unbeaten.

Considering the consistency, Georgia has crushed its opponents. Yeah, Alabama has done the same, but does it have a win as strong as beating Notre Dame?

So … should this Georgia team be ranked even higher than fourth?

Penn State is ranked third in the polls, one spot ahead of Georgia. But why?

Why is a team that’s beaten Akron, Pitt, Georgia State, Iowa – by two points – Indiana and Northwestern ranked ahead of a team that has victories over App State, Notre Dame on the road, Mississippi State, Tennessee on the road, and Vanderbilt?

Sure, Penn State has Heisman hopeful Saquon Barkley, but Nick Chubb is not too far behind – just 31 yards back – as he leads the SEC in rushing.

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Some, including Pete Fiutak of College Football News, would even go as far as to say Georgia is deserving of ranking ahead of … wait for it … Alabama?

“The only question mark continues to be Jake Fromm,” Fiutak said. “At some point, he might have to come through with a big performance – but the defense has been incredible, the two NFL backs have been great, the O line that was supposed to be a concern has been solid, and the team is crushing teams just like Alabama is. The difference is the win at Notre Dame – that’s better than anything Bama has done. Clemson has a better résumé, but it could be argued that the Dawgs are playing better – and now Kelly Bryant is banged up. I still think Bama is probably the better team, but on the deserve factor, Georgia has a case to be No. 1.”

Should Georgia be ranked higher than Alabama? It’s really not as far of reach as it may seem at first glance.

If we are going off of wins, Georgia gets the nod. What was once considered a big win for the Tide over Florida State is now ordinary – FSU is currently 1-3 with their lone victory coming against Wake Forest in a fight.

Sure, Alabama has been running over teams with the same consistency as Georgia, but as Fiutak mentioned, the Dawgs have a win over Notre Dame – in South Bend – under their belt, which tops any win on Alabama’s schedule.

If Notre Dame continues to win as it’s been doing, that September 9th Georgia victory will look better and better.

Though it may seem surreal to some Bulldog fans, this is the new reality: Georgia, in its second year under head coach Kirby Smart, is a very, very good football team.

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